Aluminum Frame Travel Trailers

Aluminum frame travel trailers remain a popular choice for modern RV buyers. The aluminum frame travel trailers feature better malleability compared to the fiberglass travel trailers. 

If you are in the market for an aluminum frame travel trailer, here is a detailed review of the available options. 

1. Imagine 2150RB Travel Trailer


  • Laminated aluminum framed roof with end walls
  • Aluminum framed the main floor 
  • Roof and end walls feature aluminum frames 
  • Aluminum framed rear and sidewalls

The Grand Design Imagine 2150RB Travel Trailer features the laminated aluminum framed roof with end walls in slide rooms. The main floor features a laminated aluminum frame while the rear wall and side walls come with laminated aluminum frames. 

The travel trailer features Gel coated fiberglass exterior to ensure a lightweight and compact design. Therefore, the travel trailer is a top choice for buyers looking to invest in aluminum frame travel trailers. 

The interior comes fitted with solid drawer fronts while the travel trailer has solid core cabinet stiles. To ensure travel comfort, the Grand Design Imagine 2150RB Travel Trailer features upgraded residential furniture, while it is fitted with large panoramic windows. 

The kitchen features polished residential countertops while the travel trailer is fitted with residential quality appliances. The fitted appliances include stainless steel microwave, three-burner range with oven, a double door refrigerator, and reversible dinette cushions. 

The travel trailer is fitted with 35K BTU high capacity furnace to keep you warm through winter trips, which ensures climate control throughout the year. The travel trailer also comes with heated and enclosed underbelly fitted with suspended tanks. The subfloor features designated heat ducts. 

2. Wilderness 2475BH


  • Aluminum framed travel trailer 
  • Comes with skylight in shower
  • Fitted with residential grade kitchen appliances 
  • Pull-out kitchen faucet
  • Has an upgraded glass top range cover
  • Features a black tank flush

Manufactured by Heartland RV, the Wilderness 2475BH is an aluminum frame travel trailer designed to deliver safety and comfort. The trailer is available in different floor plans and styles to suit the requirements of travelers. 

The Heartland Wilderness 2475BH comes with a fully walkable laminated roof with wide-Trax suspension, as the top-selling features. Another standard feature is the laminated crowned roof system with a strong backing material. 

The RV features tinted safety glass windows and came with an enclosed and heated underbelly. The travel trailer is equipped with different safety features, which helps you stay safe while traveling. These include a stabilizer jack, fire extinguisher, and a backup camera. 

The kitchen features residential grade appliances. It comes with an optional slide-out kitchen faucet ensuring a perfect outdoor experience. The sleeping area is fitted with an RV queen bed with a skylight in the shower. The bathroom also features nightshades while it is equipped with a foot flush toilet. 

3. Rockwood Signature Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer


  • Has an automotive windshield
  • Features a fiberglass exterior with a glossy finish
  • Aluminum bed with aluminum built dinette base
  • Comes with a vacuum laminated single piece roof and walls

Rockwood Signature Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer by Forest River is another top choice aluminum framed travel trailer. The travel trailer has a fully aluminum frame on the floor, the sidewall, and the roof. The construction features a radius roof with vaulted interior ceilings. It comes with a single piece of seamless roofing membrane and laminated champagne color fiberglass sidewalls.

The travel trailer is available in a wide range of floor plans, each fitted with different amenities to deliver maximum comfort. The travel trailer is fitted with electric slide-outs and has a decorative slide-out fascia, which makes it easy to use. 

The aluminum-framed travel trailer is lightweight, delivering a towing advantage. Featuring high-quality artisanship, the Rockwood Signature Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer takes great consideration when it comes to traveler comfort. It is fitted with a carbon monoxide detector 

As a standard package, the travel trailer features a six-sided aluminum cage construction. It comes with an aluminum bed and an aluminum dinette base.

4. Aluma-Lite Travel Trailer


  • Arched steel roof trusses
  • Features laminated aluminum frame on the floor, sidewalls, and the rear wall
  • Fitted with an electric cable slide-out system 
  • Has an aluminum tunnel box and bed base

Built for family fun and easy towing experience, the Aluma-Lite Travel Trailer is another great choice if you are searching for an aluminum framed travel trailer. The camper features a residential styled interior with hardwood cabinetry. 

The Aluma-Lite Travel Trailer features an aluminum-laminated floor with aluminum sidewalls and rear walls. It is fitted with an aluminum tunnel box and a bed base, featuring an electric cable slide-out system. 

The camper is also fitted with an oversized dinette window while it comes with safety glass windows. The Aluma-Lite Travel Trailer is fitted with frameless windows and dark tinted windows.

5. The Flying Cloud Travel Trailer


  • Aluminum framed travel trailer
  • Has a show-stopping rear hatch
  • Comes with abundant storage 
  • Built with modern appliances 
  • Features the rear monitoring capability 
  • Timeless modern design

By Airstream RV, the Flying Cloud Travel Trailer is the most popular and versatile aluminum framed travel trailer. Featuring a wide range of floor plans, the Flying Cloud is the right pick for families and travel groups. 

The lightweight travel trailer comes with a perfect design and ample storage.  Therefore, while going RVing on the Flying Cloud Travel Trailer, you can bring all your camping gear without worrying about space concerns. 

The Flying Cloud Travel trailer features modern technology that keeps everyone comfortable. The travel trailer is fitted with a show-stopping rear hatch, which is convenient for the user. The kitchen is fitted with modern appliances such as a four-burner LPG stove, optional microwave, and a large bowl sink. These features make cooking easy and enjoyable. 

The camper is fitted with rear-view monitoring ensuring easy towing and backup with ease. The Flying Cloud Travel Trailer delivers a timeless modern design, while it is a high-quality camper designed to last for generations. 

Aluminum Vs. Fiberglass

While aluminum travel trailers are common in the market, you must have realized that the fiberglass counterparts. While both have virtues, they are important to note. Let us review the qualities and outline some advantages associated with the two. 

The aluminum travel trailers are cheaper than the fiberglass travel trailers. This makes the aluminum-framed travel trailer a better choice for first-time buyers. Moreover, the aluminum siding travel trailers feature corrugated panels that attach to the exterior of the trailer. 

The fiberglass travel trailers come in different styles and types. The smooth fiberglass siding is common on different travel trailers. Fiberglass travel trailers feature better insulation compared to aluminum campers. However, aluminum travel trailers feel more durable and beautiful, while easy to clean.

Key Takeaway

Before purchasing a travel trailer, a basic consideration is the construction type of travel trailer. Check out the aluminum frame travel trailers we have outlined herein. Each one has distinct features delivering comfort and convenience. To pick the right travel trailer, you may consult an expert.