The Best Class B RV for Full-Time Living

Class B RVs are a great choice for full-time living, and there are many options available. This post features the top 5 best Class B campers that are as comfortable as full-time homes!

1. HYMER B-Class ModernComfort T

Top of the list is the HYMER B-Class ModernComfort T, which is known for its luxury and style.

The successful partnership between Mercedes Benz and Hymer resulted in exceptionally innovative campers. This RV features a combination of the new sprinter chassis cowl designed by Mercedes Benz and Hymer’s award-winning SLC-chassis. 

The design delivers a lightweight and stable semi-integrated Class B motorhome that includes enhanced safety features. It also has a sporty and elegant exterior look.

The base floor plan comes with a spacious double floor, which has enough room for a large freshwater tank. It includes fully fitted plumbing, electrical wiring, and interior heating for a comfortable experience.

The HYMER B-Class ModernComfort T’s design allows for access from either side. The LED fog lights and headlights contribute to a sleek Mercedes look. 


·        New sprinter chassis cowl and SLC chassis

·        Semi-integrated motorhome 

·        24-in wide entrance door

·        Large refrigerator 

·        Large loading compartment 


The New 2020 Winnebago Revel 44E

The new 2020 Revel 44E is a high-quality Class B RV. The Winnebago features the 3rd generation Mercedes Benz Sprinter VS30 Chassis. 

The Revel is an innovative fuel-efficient RV that features amazing interior design. The Revel features an on-demand 4-wheel drive with a complete hill descent mode while the 3.0-liter six-cylinder turbo diesel engine delivers exceptional performance on all terrains. 

This RV comes with unique features, including a floor plan that has been carefully designed around a power lift bed. The design maximizes storage and living space with a flared body, and as a result, delivers a 49in by 79in bedroom.   

The 2020 Winnebago Revel 44E is by far the most innovative and fuel-efficient Class B camper this year. 


·        Premium storage and living space

·        Innovative fuel efficiency

·        Comfortable extended seating 

·        Airbags

·        Active Brake Assist

·        Automated climate control

·        Four-wheel drive

Interstate Grand Tour EXT

The Interstate Grand Tour EXT delivers a fantastic full-time travel experience- ideal for couples or small families.

It is equipped with a spacious galley, roomy sleeping quarters, and a cleverly appointed bathroom. This high-quality Class B RV is best-in-class and is meticulously designed for efficiency and comfort. 

The Interstate Grand Tour EXT has been designed to provide every comfort from home. This kitchen has state-of-the-art features like high-quality counter tops and durable handcrafted cabinetry. The spacious sleeping area comes with a full bathroom. 


·        Air ride suspension 

·        Water heater

·        Rear and side view monitoring 

·        Air conditioning 

·        Heating equipment 

·        Multiple entertainment options 

·        Ultra-quiet generator 

ModVans CV1

The ModVans CV1 is a fully functional RV featuring a complete kitchen, power system, toilet, and indoor seating. Perfect for full-time living, it provides room for up to five passengers. The reasonably priced camper van is fitted with detachable components making it ideal for vacations or daily use.

The chassis is similar to the Ford Transit and comes with a twin-turbo engine ( or a direct-injection engine). Every vehicle also features adaptive cruise control features and active parking assist. 

The ModVans CV1 is designed for fuel efficiency and comfortable living with a kitchen area that features an under-mount sink, a two-burner propane stove, and a refrigerator. Modvan CV1 also has an attached AC/Heating system for extra comfort.


·        Sleeping area for up to 4 adults

·        Extra-large double burner propane stove

·        A deep, under-mount sink 

·        LED lighting system

·        Propane heater 

·        Pure sine wave inverter / Chassis Generator

·        Rooftop AC


CS Adventurous

The CS Adventurous delivers comfort and convenience with a sleek, stylish design. The design includes large frameless windows, allowing for natural light and an unobstructed view. This RV comes with spacious living and sleeping areas, as well as customizable bathroom options.

The RV is also thoughtfully crafted with ground effects that add to the clean and stylish exterior finish. Easy rear door access and under-body tire storage are bonuses.

Finally, CS Adventurous has enhanced safety features, including blind-spot monitoring with collision prevention.  


·        Large frameless windows

·        Underside spare tire storage 

·        Heating system

·        On-demand hot water supply

·        A spacious and permanent bathroom

·        Roomy sleeping area

·        Enhanced safety features 



If you are new to RVing, talk to an expert who will guide you through the process of choosing the best RV for your lifestyle. It is helpful to list out your travel goals and use those as a guideline.