Best Hikes in Joshua Tree

In sunny California lies the vast desert landscape known as the Joshua Tree. This national park, with its imposing boulders and rocky mountain terrain, is popular for its hiking trails. Joshua Tree is the perfect location for people who love to hike. From simple kid-friendly strolls to more strenuous trails for seasoned hikers, the trails in Joshua Tree have something for everyone.

With the Colorado Desert interconnecting with the Mojave Desert in Joshua Tree, there is an amazing ecosystem made up of a variety of plant and animal species, impressive boulders and granite monoliths. You can enjoy this breathtaking desert landscape from any of the trails. Here are the best hikes in Joshua Tree that you should check out.

Hidden Valley

Distance: 1 mile                Difficulty: Easy

This is a family-friendly trail that is relatively flat and ideal for people with children and hikers looking for a more relaxed effort. Hidden Valley Trail, as the name suggests, will take you around a small valley that has several huge boulders that at times may obscure your view.The views of the valley on this trail are especially impressive at sunrise or sunset. Pack binoculars; you’ll need them.

Because of the number of boulders in the valley, this trail is one of the best hikes in Joshua Tree for bouldering. You will find numerous climbers scaling the massive walls.

Cholla Cactus Garden

Distance: 0.3 miles            Difficulty: Easy

This short hike is the best hike option in Joshua Tree. If you are lacking in time, take this trip if you do not want to expend extensive time on the trails. There is a lot of desert vegetation on the Cholla Cactus Garden hike. This hike is relatively short and will take you just about 30 minutes to traverse the garden of cacti plants.

Pine City

Distance: 3.9 miles         Difficulty: Easy

The Pine City hike gets its name from the Pinyon trees along this trail. This is an easy hike on mostly flat terrain through a maze of massive boulders and rocks. You can spot some Desert Bighorn sheep on this trail, if you’re lucky.

The Pine City hike is for the day time only, so hikers need to set off early in the morning. If you want to add a bit of challenge to your hike, there is an array of canyons just below this hike that you can meander through. All in all, the Pine City trail is one of the best hikes in Joshua Tree.

Ryan Mountain

Distance: 2.8 miles       Difficulty: Average

Ryan Mountain is the trail that will give you the most comprehensive view of the desert landscape at Joshua Tree. It is certainly among the shorter hikes in the park, but you should not let that mislead you into thinking it will be an easy hike. The 1000-foot elevation will have you panting in no time.

However, once you get to the 5,400-foot summit, you will be rewarded for your hard work by sweeping views of Joshua Tree.

Ryan Mountain trail is quite popular among hikers and it can get pretty crowded during the peak season. The best time for hiking this trail is definitely sunset, when the breathtaking views will spur you on to the top. A hiking stick and a headlamp should both be part of your gear. Dress in layers because desert weather shifts fast and it can go below freezing, especially in the evenings.

The Maze Loop

Distance: 6.5 miles        Difficulty: Moderate

The Maze Loop wanders through impressive rock formations to desert washes and canyons. The hike then continues through a canopy of Joshua trees and the most incredible rock walls to be found in Joshua Tree.

A map should definitely be part of your hiking gear if you go on the Maze Loop because, as the name suggests, you will move through a variety of different terrain. The hike is moderately difficult, but you can still slowly work your way to the peak to enjoy the sweeping views of Joshua Tree.

Willow Hole

Distance: 6.9 miles          Difficulty: Moderate

Seasoned hikers consider this trail one of the best hikes in Joshua Tree. This hike will take you through flat and sandy terrain, then shift to rocky valleys and a seasonal creek. This varied landscape is rich in desert wildlife; you are likely to come across frogs and interesting bird species as you traverse this trail.

The rock gardens here are complex mazes that you should explore, but make sure you have a map because they can be tricky to traverse. The trail itself is fairly level and most of the difficulty in this hike is the deep sand found at the end of the trail.

Summit Springs

Distance: 11.4 miles                 Difficulty: Hard

If you are looking for a challenge, the Summit Springs trail is the best hike for you at Joshua Tree. The 11.4-mile round trip on this trail will take you through fan palms, mesquite, and desert willow and then you’ll cut through a complex maze of canyons washes.

This trail is for experienced hikers who can handle the 2,150 foot elevation and maneuver through narrow canyon floors and strenuous boulder obstacles. This epic desert hike will take you through varied desert landscapes having an impressive array of desert plants including Mojave yucca, juniper, and Palo Verde trees.

Warren Peak

Distance: 5.35 miles   Difficulty: Hard

Warren Peak is popular for the spectacular sunrise views; they make it one of the best trails in Joshua Tree for early morning hikes. This trail is also great for people who like quieter areas

Warren Peak trail will take you through a deep sandy wash, traverse across the desert scrubland, and ultimately up a steep climb towards the rocky summit. This hike lies in the transition zone between the Mojave and Colorado deserts.

The desert vegetation is therefore different from other areas of the park. The view of the snow-capped peaks of Mt. San Jacinto and Joshua tree will be well worth the effort once you reach the summit.

Lost Horse Mine Loop

Distance: 6.6 miles             Difficulty: Hard

If you are looking for a hike with a bit of history, the Lost Horse Mine Loop will take you through an old gold mine. This meandering hike was used as a route for wagons going to and from the mine. From the mine, the trail continues up to Lost Horse Mountain.

There is plenty of desert vegetation and views of Joshua Tree to enjoy on this hike. The trail has a pretty gradual ascent and should be fairly easy for most hikers. This hike is pretty popular so it is best to get there early to beat the crowds. You will also need plenty of water to keep you hydrated as there is significant sun exposure on this hike.


Joshua Tree National Park is a spectacular place for hikers, whether novice or seasoned. The key point is to remember is to always have the right hiking gear and to carry plenty of water as the desert heat can leave you dehydrated. A map is essential to keep you on the right track and to enable you to find your way through the mazes that are common in the best Joshua Tree hikes.