The Best Pet Temperature Monitor for RV

More and more people are bringing their four-legged family members along for their RV excursions. Yet, they can’t take them out for every adventure that happens along the way. That has led to an uptick in people looking for the best pet temperature monitor for RVs so they can keep an eye on their pets and ensure their safety. These items are designed to read the situation in your RV and relay that information to you. While you might want to grab the highly effective Ideal Sciences Temp Stick Temp & Humidity Sensor, we’re going to show you several models, to consider.


Ideal Sciences Temp Stick Temp & Humidity Sensor

Using the WiFi hotspot in your RV, you can link your phone to the Ideal Sciences sensor, and it will tell you the precise conditions in your vehicle. This particular model is the best pet temperature monitor for RVs for a lot of reasons, starting with the precision with which it delivers data even through adverse conditions. It is potent enough to reach your WiFi through tough obstacles.

You can get live readings, emails, and messages sent to you when certain temperature and humidity levels are reached or check it from anywhere including phone, tablet, and pc. It has free support, a three-year warranty, and a battery life of one year. All you need is a fresh battery at the start of the season, and you can keep an eye on your pets anywhere you have an internet signal. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes to set up, and then it’s ready to use.

Govee Temperature Humidity Monitor

The accuracy of the Govee Temperature Humidity Monitor is one reason that it’s very desirable as a way to check your RV’s conditions. It can measure to within ±0.54℉ and humidity ±3%. That way, you never need to think about getting the wrong information. While this model doesn’t support 5G, it’s still powerful. Using the system’s app, you can check the temperature or view it directly on the LCD screen for instant updates before you head out.

You’ll be able to get 2 years of data about the conditions inside of your RV using the app so you can establish baselines going back for a while. This is a very affordable model and it features a low-battery alarm that will let you know when it is time to change it.

SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer

For people looking for a less complex temperature sensor in your RV, there is the SensorPush model. This model is designed to send you notifications when attached to a Bluetooth-enabled device, either iOS or Android.

It doesn’t have an LCD screen, so you have to rely on the app that works with it to get the readings. However, it’s very accurate in its readings and incredibly easy to set up. It might not have as many bells and whistles as some of the other models on the market today, but it will give you the necessary information very quickly.

RV PetSafety Pet Monitor

Activate the monitor, stick it anywhere in your RV, and access the temperature and humidity in your RV. The rechargeable battery allows you to keep monitoring without having to buy a new battery each time. Moreover, you get alerts for temperature and humidity thresholds sent directly to your phone.

The only downside is that you have to subscribe to the service, but this can be helpful. You can allow other people in your family to check the app with their personal login in an emergency. Also, there are low-battery and power-loss alerts that will give you valuable time to make sure that your pet is okay.  This is an excellent tool for people looking to take safety seriously and have money to spend on the system.

MarCELL Cellular Temperature/Humidity Monitor

The MarCELL monitor is known for being very straightforward. You have to get a subscription to their app, which costs less than $10 per month. For that fee, you get a 4G connected device that can monitor a lot of different settings, including an RV.

The monitor sends data directly to the app, and it will send data about sudden changes directly to the user’s phone. Best of all, there is an integrated battery in the system that can give you power for up to 2 days after a power failure, giving you critical readings during an emergency.

Proteus AMBIO- WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor

If you’re looking for the simplest method to check your temperatures, then the Proteus model might be for you. You just plug this sensor into an outlet and then access the device’s data on the web. It connects easily to an existing WiFi channel like one that you would have in an RV hotspot.

You can get alerts on your phone or get live data online. It will send information to your phone or email if certain thresholds for temperature or humidity are reached, too. This is a low-cost, effective sensor that most RV owners should consider if they don’t want to spend a lot of money.


Bringing your pets in your RV can be a lot of fun, and it saves you money on pet sitters when you go on vacation. However, if you’re keeping them inside, you’ll want to know you have the best pet temperature monitor for RV. With that comes peace of mind and a simple way to check the conditions inside your trailer. Use any of these devices, and you’ll be in good hands.