Best RV Awning Lights

After you’ve settled into the campground for the night, you might want to sit outside and talk, read, and enjoy a meal. To do that, it’s a good idea to get a good set of awning lights. For example, the best RV awning lights, RecPro RV Camper and Trailer WHITE LED Awning Light, can offer a great mix of value for their users. Yet, lights come with many purposes for the outside of an RV, so we included a list of many lights that will fulfill as many as possible.


RecPro RV Camper and Trailer WHITE LED Awning Light

The RecPro RV Camper and Trailer lights are an excellent option for people that want a powerful outdoor awning light. It gives off 1500 Lumens of light, and that makes it very bright. It’s so bright that you’ll not want to use it indoors. The light is white, and that means it will let you look at everything with ease.

Another great thing about these lights is that they come with an adhesive that lets you stick it to the awning with ease. They’ll last for years before you have to replace them on average. It will run off of 12v DV connection even though it doesn’t have the power supplies. There are also handy instructions for putting the lights on your awning. These lights are easy to use and inexpensive, so they’re a great value overall. 

Leisure LED RV Porch Light

The leisure LED RV Porch Light is a great light fixture for you to look at when you want something for your awning. While this is just a single light, it’s also very potent despite its size. With 280 Lumens in the rectangle, you’ll get plenty of light when you hook it up to a 12V DC system.

People love using these because it is easy to install, very inexpensive, and gives you a nice porch light to sit outside and view around the outside of your RV. Another thing about this light is that it is protected against power surges, giving you peace of mind that your product will last a long time. 

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Dream Lighting RV LED Porch Multi-purpose Lights

 The Dream Lighting RV LED is an excellent set of lights that you can hang on your awning and provide visibility while outside at night. You’ll find that this product runs bright and hot. It will keep away most bugs because they won’t like being in the lights that much. Another cool thing about this product is that it operates off of 12V.

Also, these lights come with a 40-degree downward angle, so it’s easy to set them up high and bask in the light that is beneath them. The housing for these lights is made of aluminum, which helps remove some of the heat and it also has the added benefit of protecting the lights, making sure they last as long as possible. Finally, these lights are also rather inexpensive, so it’s something that every single person can afford. 

Brightech Ambience Pro LED String Light

The Brightech Ambience string lights are a great way to light up the area outside of your RV. They have an exposed filament design, so you will get the retro look that is incredibly stylish and effective. The pack contains 15 of these lights, and the overall cost is low. Further lowering the cost for the owner is the fact that the lights don’t use much electricity.

These are heavy-duty lights, too, so they will last throughout the year without breaking down. You can count on them taking some hits from rain and wind. Furthermore, they are LED lights, so they are going to be bright and useful for you.  If you are enjoying this article check out the best rv battery monitor

Polymer Black and Etched Bronze String Lights

Another form of string lights that people love comes from Polymer Products. These bronze string lights are gorgeous, so they’re a little more expensive than others, but they look fantastic. If you want a powerful string of lights that is not going to burn out or break, these are the ones for you. They are mounted on steel hooks and very easy to hang up.

You also get a 20-foot power cord with them, so you can plug them in with ease no matter where you’re at. The coiled cords between the lights can extend up to 30 inches, and that gives you plenty of room to stretch them to reach all over your awning if needed!

Camco Cute Hanging Outdoor RV Lights

The Camco Cute Hanging lights are designed to be a little bit cheesy. They feature small light-up RV bulbs along with the string lights. While that might send some people away from this product, there are some people that find them charming. It also helps that they’re not overly bright or expensive. Best of all, you can bring them inside and use them indoors if needed because they aren’t too bright and they don’t create a lot of heat from use. These are very charming lights.  If you are enjoying this article check out the best rv hitch lock


All in all, there are many different awning lights that you may buy to light up the outside of your RV. These lights can be somewhat dim and directed or incredibly bright. We believe that the best RV awning lights are the brightest ones that most efficiently work with your electrical system. However, the fact remains that individual needs will always override the best technical aspects, but at least you have a variety of choices available here.