Best RV Battery for Dry Camping

The Battle Born LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery is the best RV battery for dry camping, also known as boondocking, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t several other options. With the right battery under your hood or linked into your system, your RV will let you have a lot of fun when you’re away from it all. We’ve made it easy to pick the best of the best, so here are some of the batteries to consider.


Battle Born LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

This battery has to be the top on the list because of the sheer number of features that are present in its construction. For one thing, it has a BMS, a system that protects it from the usual causes of battery failure. It will protect you from operating this battery in unsafe conditions. The lithium-ion technology used in this battery makes it have an exceptionally long lifespan, too. You can count on the safety aspects of the battery being pretty significant as well. It’s spill-proof and leaks proof. Best of all, it comes with a 10-year warranty, and that is important for when a company backs up its battery with that kind of coverage. You’ll get over 14 volts out of this, and that will be more than enough to run your typical RV appliances. All in all, it’s an excellent battery, even though the price is going to set you back a bit.

Mighty Max 6V 200Ah Battery

The Might Max does everything it can do live up to its name. This battery is special because it can be recharged, giving you extra lifespan out of it. Compared to the best RV battery for dry camping that we noted, this one is far cheaper. You’ll only get a 1-year warranty out of it. You can use the batter for 6 volts, which can still do a lot for people boondocking. It’s especially good for people that are in some unusual temperatures during their trip. It can operate at a low and high-temperature threshold. While it is sealed, it also has a pressure release system in the battery to keep you safe. Overall, it’s a worthy battery.

ExpertPower Lithium Battery

This battery is one of the most popular sellers when it comes to RV batteries, and there are many reasons why. It can provide between 2,500 and 7,000 cycles with a 10-year lifetime. For that amount of time, it’s going to cost you a fair amount of money, but it is worth it. For all the power, this battery is lightweight, which is great for a battery that you have to move out in the countryside. We loved that it is very good at power efficiency owing to its flat discharge curve. That means you won’t get a sudden plummet in your power supply, and that can be the difference between a good trip and a near-emergency. Overall, it’s a good battery as long as you treat it right and operate within the recommended temperatures.

Optima Batteries Dual Purpose Battery

This 12-volt battery has 750 cold-cranking amps, and that should tell you something about the expected conditions for this product. It’s meant to be used when other batteries would be failing. It offers you a great start even if you’re in pretty dire weather conditions. It’s built to be very strong, vibration resistant, and capable of being mounted in just about any conditions you can imagine. Best of all, it always has 120 minutes of reserve capacity to keep your RV going when things get tough. While you might expect the price for this to be high, it’s really not. It’s moderately priced, and it can be useful to people that don’t want to invest in some of the high-end batteries.  

Weize Deep Cycle Battery

When you need an excellent RV battery on a budget, you should turn to Weize and see what they have. This 12v battery is downright hearty; it can recover from some pretty serious discharges, and that will help you when you use a bit more power than you want. Most people are impressed that the price is low despite offering 100AH capacity. The battery is leak-resistant, has a tough case, and compact size. It is great for people who are shopping on a budget and even better for individuals who expect to get a lot of life out of their battery.

Trojan T-125 6V 240Ah Flooded Lead Acid GC2 Deep Cycle Battery

The middle option for a lot of people is the Trojan T-125. It offers a lot of the benefits available with high-end batteries without the price. It’s a 6 volt, 240mAH, flooded battery that can get the job done well. The battery is both leak and spill-proof, so you can go through some rugged terrain without worrying about the condition. You can expect to get a long battery life out of this model as well. You can mount this in any position desired, too. It’s a very effective battery for you to keep in your RV.


When you’re dry camping, you need to have a reliable battery. You’ll want a way to run all your appliances and keep yourself comfortable when you’re getting away from it all. These batteries that we’ve mentioned are the best of the best, and any of them will offer you a great tool to take with you. Depending on your level of desired investment, these batteries can last upwards of a decade!