Best RV Bike Rack

Your RV will take you close to most places that you want to travel to, but you might need a bike to get you the rest of the way. That’s why we’re going to look at the best RV bike racks that you can mount on your RV to save time and space with getting ready to hit the trails. While an exemplar like the Swagman RV Hitch model might be perfect for most people, it’s still smart to have several options from which to choose.

Swagman RV Hitch Mount Bike Rack    

Swagman is a name that you’ll see quite often when it comes to the best RV bike racks. This particular model is useful in many respects, but people tend to love it for being heavy duty and highly effective at taking bumps that might jostle bikes and cause them to come loose on other models. This bike rack is mounted on the hitch and fits the 2” receivers. It can carry up to 45lbs per bike, which is important if you’re carrying heavy mountain bikes.

The mount itself is heavy, weighing 53lbs, but that lets you know its quality. When you set your bikes up on this properly, you don’t have to worry about the whole thing falling off as you might with a weaker rack. This product also has a locking hitch pin and cable included, so that’s extra value included in the purchase.

Camco Ladder Mount RV Bike Rack

Unlike some other mounts with you locking pins, the Camco Ladder Mount hangs directly from the ladder on an RV. This RV bike rack has mounts that lock around the bicycle’s frame and form a snug connection. The mount also includes two straps that you can use in conjunction with the cradle to form a very tight fit.

Aside from the easy installation, users love that the mount is so lightweight, but that means it will only hold up to 60lbs of bicycles, but that’s good enough for two bikes in most cases. When you’re not using this on the back of your RV or when it is time to cover your RV for the winter, you can easily fold it up and put it inside for simple storage. Lastly, the price point on this bike rack is low, so it’s very affordable.

Lippert Components Black Jack-It 2 Bike Trailer Mount

There is the Lippert Components Black Jack-It rack for people looking for a unique and useful way to mount their bikes. Instead of hanging off of your ladder or mounting on the hitch, this will mount right on your A-frame. Once you have it set up, you can load up to two bikes on it and then swivel it into the locked position.

This is a particularly good model for people that have heavy bikes and don’t want to have the racks mess up their frame. After all, this mount works by securing the bikes to the RV by the tire instead of the bike frame, resulting in less jostling for your bike. This will free up your hitch area for additional storage and it’s made of very good materials, but that does result in a higher price point.

Surco 501BR Ladder Mounted Bike Rack

The Surco RV bike rack is designed to provide the user with a lightweight, strong, and easily maneuvered bike mount. In this case, the fully assembled aluminum racks are easily mounted directly on your ladder in less than a minute. The rack can hold two bikes, roughly 70lbs.

The arms on the bike mount can pivot out of the way when not holding bikes, giving you immediate access to your ladder without removing the mount. The bikes hang vertically from the rack by the frame, securing them in position without the need for additional straps. The rack comes with a 90-day warranty as well. That’s helpful, even though the rack is not expensive.

Swagman XC2 RV Bike Rack

The Swagman name appears again on this list, this time with the XC2 RV Bike Rack. This rack can hold two bikes, up to 70lbs, so it will easily carry fully loaded modified mountain bikes. Another great feature is the lifetime guarantee of the product, even though it might not be needed due to the powerful construction of steel racks.

This rack can be mounted on the trailer hitch or the bumper, but you must make sure you have clearance to your window for the latter. Both bikes will sit horizontally in the rack, held in place by a powder-finished steel bar. It might be pricey, but it’s well-worth the versatility and moderately simple installation.

Swagman 64400 Original 4 RV Bike Rack

The Swagman 64400 made the list because it can hold more than two bikes. This RV bike rack fits into the hitch with a 2” receiver, and it uses four different cushioned grips tightened by knobs to hold your bikes in place. It’s very simple to install, and its moderate price means that any family can bring along as many bikes as they want.


The best RV bike rack will be one that allows you to carry your preferred bikes while also being easy to install and strong. All of the bike racks that we’ve listed here are great options for people looking to buy and mount a rack on their RV. Once you have set up your rack, you’re free to take your bike anywhere you go and seek out all the adventures waiting for you!