Best RV Covers

While most of us wish we could travel in our RV throughout the entire year, most of us have to cover them up for a few seasons at a time. Whether it’s sitting under a carport or out in the open, you’ll want to find the best RV cover to suit your needs. Although RVs come in different shapes and sizes, some models are simply too good to ignore. Starting with the Camco Ultraguard Class A Travel Trailer Cover, we will explore the various RV covers that buyers should consider.


Camco Ultraguard Class A Travel Trailer Cover

This Camco model of RV cover is simply the best RV cover today because of its incredible resistance to the elements. While some people just want a cover that is quick and easy to use, the majority of RV owners want a cover that is powerful and strong; that’s the Camco. The top is triple-layer SFS, which is optimal for rain protection. The sides are constructed from strong polypropylene and feature a self-adjusting strap system to ensure a good fit. There are zippers on the side to allow entry to the RV, so you don’t have to remove the cover to get inside. This cover beads water, ushers it away, has maximum protection against snow, and is breathable enough to resist mold and mildew growth. This will fit most Class A RVs measuring 30’, and the dimensions are 110”x 102”. The bottom line is this is a strong cover and a certain contender for the best product on the market.

Classic Accessories OverDrive Poly 3

Classic Accessories is known for quality RV products, and their OverDrive Poly 3 model is a wonderful piece to demonstrate their dedication. This cover has a triple-ply top that is perfect for protecting the RV from rain, snow, the accumulation of grime, and more. The cover is specifically built to prevent wind stress-causing tears. It also has zippered panels that allow the user to have access to the RV even when it is covered for the season. Another great part is that there are stuff sacks included that helps with storage in the off-season. While this RV cover will require two people to put on, it is a strong, useful product.  

RVMasking Top Travel Trailer RV Cover

If you’ve had trouble with an RV cover that rips, you’ll want to RVMasking Top Travel model. The materials used in the construction of this RV cover are fantastic. Not only do they protect against tears, dirt, and rain, but they’re designed to be very tear-resistant. The elasticized hem corners and adjustable tension panels allow wind to pass through without tearing off the cover or compromising its protection. This model is also known for its simple installation and customizable fit. Best of all, there are numerous models for sale that can fit any RV.


ADCO Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer Cover

People that live in a climate that gets a lot of rain and general moisture will enjoy this particular model. As the name suggests, it is built to withstand all kinds of rain while reducing mold and mildew growth. The cover makes use of a slip-seam strapping system, ensuring that the fit is tight at the top and bottom to prevent the wind ripping it off or moisture seeping in. You’ll want to check the model to ensure it fits your particular RV before buying. Also, the cover features a triple layer top and polypropylene sides for rugged, reliable protection.

iiSPORT Travel Trailer Cover

Another heavy-duty RV cover comes from iiSPORT. The four-ply top protects the RV from all kinds of damage while it’s stored, does a great job of keeping snow and rain from damaging your RV, and has vents that will wick away moisture to stop mold before it starts. By the time you pull this RV cover off in the spring or summer, you should be all set to pick up where you left off. This cover is very easy to fit, and you can easily do it in a few minutes with one other person. Lastly, it’s always good to see a company willing to back up their product. When you buy this cover, you get a 5-year warranty to know that it’s built to last. The only downside is that there are not various models and sizes available. Make sure this will fit your specific RV before you buy it.

King Bird Extra-Thick Trailer RV Cover

Not every cover has a sleek look, but if it works, then it’s a great product. That’s the case with the King Bird cover. This RV cover is very wind-resistant, has reinforced straps to prevent tearing, and uses extra-thick four-ply fabric for the top of the cover and three-ply material for the sides. Even though it’s a solid cover, it still has zippers to allow the buyer to get inside of their RV. There are six vents in place, too, reducing the stress on the cover from wind and reducing the likelihood of mold growth. Finally, this product has a two-year warranty and several classes of covers available to buy.


Protecting your RV with a great cover is about more than keeping your investment intact. It is also about reducing the amount of yearly maintenance required and letting you get started on your travels with ease. Each of the best RV covers that we’ve listed here offers different degrees of protection, and you have to choose the one that suits your personal, climate, and financial needs.