The Best RV to Live in Full Time

The best RV to live in full time is the one that provides you the freedom to live away from home while enabling you to take the comfort of home with you. 

Whether you are heading off for a waterfront camping or up to a cross-country road trip, your comfort and convenience matter most. 

To actualize your full-time RVing dreams, start by researching the best RV to live in full time. In this guide, we feature the best RV to live in full-time. 

Let us jump right in. 

1. The Newmar Dutch Star

For truly luxurious full-time RVing, you have got to try the Newmar Dutch Star. The RV provides a perfect home-like feeling, delivering a polished interior fitted with amazing features. [Interesting read: best pet temperature monitor rv]

The Newmar Dutch Star comes with a fully painted body delivering passionate accommodation for your full-time RV living. Each masterpiece fitted into the Newmar Dutch Star features the work of experienced artisans at the forefront of delivering a perfect experience. 

The Newmar Dutch Star is built on a premium custom chassis, making it one of the best RVs. The well-appointed chassis lets you enjoy the cruise from coast to coast in your class, the best RV for full time living. 

To deliver an unmatched experience, the RV maker has collaborated with the leading chassis manufacturers. This includes the likes of Ford, Freightliner, Custom Chassis, and Spartan Motors. Therefore, each of the Newmar Dutch Star RVs is fitted with a strong and durable chassis delivering to the RVers the best in-road comfort, safety when maneuvering while ensuring an enhanced technology. 

Other Features on the Newmar Dutch Star include:

  • Multiple USB connection ports throughout the vehicle
  • Comes with a huge freshwater reservoir with a large shower
  • Features a gas cooktop 
  • A high-end dishwasher 
  • Delivers a perfect cruise control 
  • Backup camera fitted in each coach

2. Airstream Classic

Created to ensure every comfort of home during your long trips or a full-time living, the Airstream Classic is truly the perfect RV for full-time RVers. 

Featuring plenty of amenities, the Airstream Classic lets you hit the road knowing everything you require is within reach. Featuring spacious floor plans ranging from 30 to 33 feet, the RV is perfect for group getaway or family camping expeditions. 

The Airstream Classic comes with a dedicated cooking area with handcrafted cabinetry delivering a classic look. It comes with powered beds, taking care of everyone’s sleep requirements. [Interestingly Read: best electric water heater switch]The powered beds allow the RVers to adjust to sit or sleep more elevated. 

Airstream Classic is the best RV to live in full time featuring a ducted AC system that easily and quickly cools the cabin. Do not worry about the cold nights because the Airstream Classic is fitted with a fully operational heat pump. To crown the Airstream Classic with real home comfort, the Airstream Classic features a doorbell at the entrance. [Interesting read: best rv bike rack]

Here is a quick overview of the features delivered by the Airstream Classic:

  • Features powered beds
  • Fitted with the ducted air conditioner and a heat pump delivering full climate control
  • Features a doorbell at the entrance which is a feature that your guests will love
  • Ultra-modern audio system to keep you entertained
  • Comes with the rear-view monitoring system

3. Grand Design Reflection

For an ultimate full-time RVing experience, check out the Grand Design Reflection. The recreational vehicle is the best RV to live in full-time delivering a celebration of quality and luxury in one amazing package. 

The Grand Design Reflection has become the best in class RV across North America thanks to the amazing features. 

To start us off, you will love the fully equipped kitchen. It comes with solid surface countertops with an under-mount stainless steel sink. 

The Grand Design Reflection features a king-size bed. The living area is fitted with two fold-out sofas, with a complete air conditioning system to ensure full climate control. The RV features a reinforced roof with wall insulation and a heating system that connects to the floor. 

Here is a summary of the features:

  • Comes with a split baggage door providing an additional under storage
  • Features large windows delivering panoramic views
  • Fitted with a stainless steel kitchen sink 
  • Features an outdoor shower 
  • Outdoor speaker system

4. The Casita Spirit

The Casita Spirit is a lightweight travel trailer that delivers a good to be a home experience for full-time RVers. The Casita Spirit features a strong and lightweight construction using the fiberglass shell. Therefore, the Casita Spirit delivers a durable waterproof body that is lightweight and easy to clean. Therefore, for full-time RVers, you can forget about rust and deteriorating body quality. [Interesting read: best rv tankless water heater]

The lightweight Casita Spirit is easy to pull with a smaller truck, while ensuring ease of handling when towing. The Casita Spirit is safe to control, hence delivers superior experience when maneuvering around. 

The Casita Spirit comes with a floor plan that suits the requirements of RVers providing full accommodation for your camping companions.


  • Comes with a large screened window 
  • Features a spacious storage area
  • Has a spacious private shower with toilet combination
  • Features the standard and deluxe trailers

5. Forest River Berkshire Motorhome

The Forest River Berkshire Motorhome is another great RV to live in full-time. Featuring two bathrooms, this RV delivers a perfect choice for full-time living, especially when traveling with the children. 

The Forest River Berkshire Motorhome features bed area with personal TVs, and fitted with overhead storage cabinets. Therefore, if you are looking for the best RV to live in full time, the Forest River Berkshire Motorhome delivers an amazing experience for you and your family. 

To ensure safety and provide confident driving it comes with the Freightliner XCR raised rail chassis. It has an Allison 3000MH six-speed transmission. Other safety features include the engine brake, cruise and transmission mode control. The RV features daytime running lights for enhanced visibility while driving on highways.  


  • A full-height strut assisted compartment door
  • Quiet integrated A/C with separate ducting
  • Crowned and layered vacuum bonded fiberglass roof
  • Channeled drains for the A/Cs

Key Takeaway

Your outdoor living will never be the same once you choose any of the above best RVs to live in full-time. Before selecting the ideal RV for full-time living, decide on your needs and determine your budget. This enables you to pick a suitable RV to guarantee you the best experience. [Interesting read: best rv security system]