Best RV Holding Tank Treatment

The holding tanks on your RV are a crucial element, even if you’d prefer not to think of them. Yet, maintenance for them doesn’t start and end when you dump them. Instead, there are certain treatments that you can buy and use to make them work and smell better. While the best RV holding tank treatment is the Energen Grey Water Tank Treatment, there are many other options that we will list here. All of them are worth looking at to see if they meet your needs, offer a pleasant scent, and fall into your desired price range.


Energen Grey Water Tank Treatment

One of the biggest problems that people have with the stuff they use to clean their tank is that certain chemicals break down to form formaldehyde. That doesn’t happen with Energen; it’s a natural holding tank treatment that ensures you don’t have to worry. You will get about 112 days of coverage, 16 treatments, worth out of this particular 32oz jug of Energen.

Not only does it help deal with the odor from your tank, but it replaces it with a nice mountain-fresh smell. That’s nice for people that want a break from the smell of citrus. Moreover, this product will prevent grease buildups in your holding tank. All of this for a relatively low price, too. It’s easy to see why this has remained such a popular product, but it’s best to find it in-store.

Walex TOI-61776 Elemonate Grey Water Deodorizer Drop-Ins

Walex is a great name in holding tank treatments, and they have created a very good product here. The greywater drop-ins let you get the tank treatment over in a second by just putting the packet into the tank and being done with it. That way, there is no measuring involved or unfortunate spills. This product is meager cost and they come in the form of a biodegradable tablet that will quickly dissolve in the tank and begin treatment.

The odor-killing powers of this are quick to take hold, and they’ll give you a nice lemon scent to enjoy. It will also help the sink and drain lines in your RV. You can order large packs of this for up to 12 treatments, and each one will help treat up to 60 gallons at a time. It’s a very effective product. If you are enjoying this article check out the best rv hitch

TankTechsRx RV Holding Tank Treatment & Cleaner

The TankTech product is a very green and earth-friendly option for treating your holding tanks in an RV or boat. While the bottle will be small and cost a moderate amount, you’ll still get 68 tank treatments out of it, making this product an excellent deal for people. The only downside is that you have to use 1/2oz at a time, and all the measuring can be a little difficult because a small spill wastes a whole treatment.

This product relies on using beneficial bacteria to break down waste in the entire tank no matter the size. These bacteria reduce the odor, break down waste to liquid, and it comes with no formaldehyde.

Camco TST RV Grey Water Odor Control with Lemon Scent

Another liquid treatment that people enjoy is the Camco TST canister. This product comes in a 1-gallon size, provides 16 treatments, and is something that you have to measure out and dump into your system. It’s a liquid that smells strongly of lemon, and it gets the job done. This will eliminate odors in your RV, break down the grease in your system, and will treat up to a 40-gallon tank at a time. Best of all, it is a great value for the price. If you are enjoying this article check out the best rv keyless entry

Walex TOI-91799 Deodorizer

When you’re looking for a strong deodorizer drop-in, you can’t go wrong with Walex. This product is as easy to use as the other drop-ins. This product will treat up to 40 gallons at a time, and it can be conveniently purchased in increments of 10, 50, and 250 packs.

While it is on the lower side of moderate for the price, it comes with the benefit of being formaldehyde-free and providing outstanding odor prevention. These porta-paks are used in a number of settings, and they even come in a zip-up bag so you can keep them nearby in a closet or under the sink for a while.

Camco 41173 TST Ultra-Concentrated RV Toilet Treatment

It shouldn’t be a surprise that we revisit the Camco brank for helping out in RV holding tanks. This particular product comes in a 1-gallon container, and you have to measure it out in increments of 2oz. It’s relatively inexpensive as a whole, and it can offer up to 64 treatments, making this a great product for people on a budget.

It also doesn’t use formaldehyde or generate it, the product eliminates odors, and it’s one of the most highly concentrated brands on the market today. So, this is good for the environment, gives you a refreshing citrus smell, and is available in many stores. It’s a fantastic product.


There are many different tank treatments that you can get on the market today. However, the best RV holding tank treatment can only go to one product we’ve already reviewed. Picking the right product for you is just as important as knowing what products are available to purchase today. That’s why we have listed easy drop-ins, various scents, and different container sizes. Find the one that helps you most and keep your holding tank in good shape. If you are enjoying this article check out the best rv dash covers