Best RV Inverter

As their title suggests, getting your hands on the best RV inverter will allow you to turn your DC power into AC power. As a result, you can run up to 1,000 watts when you’re using this technology. While the Power TechON 3000W Power Inverter gets our top spot, several others can provide you with high-quality services. We’ll go through the best ones on the market today so you can make a more informed decision and get a useful tool! [Interesting read: best rv refrigerator]


Power TechON 3000W Power Inverter

The Power TechON 3000W power inverter is one of the favorites on the market today for a whole lot of reasons. For one thing, it can handle surges up to 6000W, comes with start cables, and it also has four different output sockets. While the price is a little on the high side, you will get a high-quality product that will help you convert your power source to a form in which you can best make use of it.

The total harmonic distortion (THD) is less than 3%, and that’s something hard to find in an inverter. You’ll get five different sorts of protection when you use this product, from thermal protection to the overload protection. It’s the perfect addition to an RV’s toolkit, and it’s easy to get your hands on it. Lastly, the manual that it comes with is incredibly detailed, so you will have no problems getting it to do exactly what you want. [Interesting read: best toilet paper rv]

AIMS Power PICOGLF30W12V120VR 3,000-Watt Pure Sine Inverter

The AIMS product for power inverters is also an excellent consideration because it comes in so many different styles that can suit your specific needs. This has a 3000W continuous, and it can handle a 9000W surge, so it is prepared for all of the difficulties that life can throw at it.

You’ll be interested to find that it has a lot of protections like high voltage, low voltage, short circuits, overload, and many more. Along with these, you’ll get a GFCI outlet, charge current control dial, and battery temp sensors. This is a very convenient tool for you to add to your RV, and it’s perfect for all of the appliances that you have, which require a lot of energy to start up. So, before your fridge kicks on, it’s a good idea to have this set up.

Go Power! GP-SW3000-12 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The Go Power version of the power inverter is incredibly dependable, but the only problem is that it doesn’t handle as many Watts as some of the others, topping out at a mere 6000. However, it has 3000W continuous power for you to utilize. It comes with a two-year protection plan, and that’s very interesting because it shows the company stands behind their product.

While this power inverter is not going to be a cheap addition, it does come with several other benefits like 2 GFCI protected outlets and overload, over-voltage, and under-voltage protections that will keep your product working well into the future! [Interesting read: best rv leveling blocks]

Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter

This 2000W power inverter is a little weaker than some of the others listed here, but it’s also a lot cheaper. It’s better used for people who don’t have tons of appliances coming to life in their RV at once. The product is well-built, using heavy-duty materials that stop it from getting damaged during use.

All you need to hook this up is a 12v battery system. It’s very easy to use, and it can handle a surge of up to 4000W, which is excellent for the low price you pay for buying this product. It comes with an 18-month warranty that will let you get your money back if it does not perform well. The chances are it will do everything you need and more.

WindyNation VertaMax Pure SINE Wave 1500-Watt Power Inverter

This all-inclusive RV inverter is a great tool for your RV. It can handle 15000W and 3000W surge, and it’s a pure sine wave inverter. It comes with three different grounded AC outlets for your use. It’s very easy to hook up a lot of appliances to this tool and that is what makes it so popular.

Of course, other things like the LED display and the full complement of installation tools that come included are very helpful in making this a good product, so make sure to consider them, too. [Interesting read: best rv vent fans]

KRIËGER 3000-Watt 12V Power Inverter

The Krieger 3000Watt is a strong and inexpensive tool that most people will benefit from if they need 3000W regular power and 6000W peak power. It will convert 12V DC power to 120V AC power in a flash. It has all kinds of protections built into it like overload, under-voltage over-voltage, and more. There is a 3-year part and labor warranty on this product, too. With the LED screen, you can check your status with ease. All in all, it’s a good, low-cost option for an RV inverter.


The RV inverter is not a tool that most people think about when they’re first buying an RV, but it is very useful. Now that you know some of the best tools of this kind on the web, you can seek out the ones that will work best for you. From low-cost options to high-power ones, this list can help you get the tool that you need for the right situation. [Interesting read: best rv wax fiberglass]