Best RV Outdoor Rug

While some people might like to feel the grass beneath their toes, if you’re going to sit outside, you might want an outdoor rug. You don’t want to simply get the first one you find, though. Instead, look at examples like the best RV outdoor rug, the Camco Large Reversible Outdoor Patio Mat, and many others to find one with the colors, thread count, and storage capabilities that will offer you the greatest value. It might not be as significant as your septic, but a good rug can make a difference.

Camco Large Reversible Outdoor Patio Mat

The first rug that we’re going to look at is the Camco Large Reversible mat. Of course, this is the best rug on our list because it is easily reversed if you don’t like the feel or design on a specific side. It has corner loops that you can use as anchor points along with a surface that doesn’t hand onto dirt but also prevents it from being tracked inside of your RV. Another reason that this is a tremendous product is the price.

It’s in the middle part of the price spectrum despite its large size (6’x9’) and the quality of the materials used in the construction. The benefits don’t end there, though. The material is resistant to UV light and mildew; it still won’t keep dirt or snow on the mat. You can simply clean off this product using water and soap, and the material is light enough that folding is not a chore. If you are enjoying this article, check out our article on the  best rv cookware sets.

Reversible Mats Outdoor Patio 116095

Another product that you should consider comes from the Reversible Mats brand, and it is, in fact, a reversible mat for your outdoor patio. This product is very useful because it comes in different sizes, including the 6’x9’ that is common to outdoor rugs. You’ll enjoy knowing that this product is made from quality materials that are easy to clean, won’t damage the grass, and have a coating to protect against the fading effects of UV light.

Cleaning this is a simple matter of using water and soap, but don’t worry about mold and mildew because this rug resists both. You can leave this down for days without feeling bad, and it will be comfortable under your feet. Get a variety of colors to match your RV or suit your mood with this!

Ming's Mark RV Mats

Ming’s RV mats are known for being very high in the area of quality. They’re made from a virgin polypropylene material that is soft, breathable for the grass, and very resistant to the sun’s effects. Moreover, it comes with intricate designs that other rugs simply cannot replicate. In short, this is a very good rug that is easy to clean, and it comes in a large size. At 9’x12’, this will cover more than enough space for your RV. The only thing is that it’s on the higher end in terms of price. Even though it is very large compared to others, it’s still easy to fold this up and store it in your RV owing to the material’s lightweight nature. If you are enjoying this article, check out our article on the best rv sewer hose.

Fab Habitat Tangier Recycled Plastic Rug

A lot of people are looking for green rugs. No, not the color, but they want rugs made from recycled materials to use while they’re boondocking or camping. The Fab Habitat Tangier model is the perfect option. While this is the most expensive rug on our list, it’s also made entirely from recycled plastic materials.

It’s very tough and durable, but still soft to the touch. You’ll find that this product is reversible, RV resistant, and doesn’t get mold or mildew. To clean it, just break out a hose and soap, the latter only if some stain sets in. It’s eco-friendly and made using safe labor. What more could a nature-lover want in an outdoor rug?

EZ Travel Mats RV Awning Mat

The EZ Travel Mat is a great option for people looking to get the most out of their options for an outdoor rug. For one thing, you can choose between a 9x12 or a 9x18 rug that comes with a carrying case for easy transport. While the price is a little on the high side, it’s not the most expensive one out there today.

The rug comes in many patterns, so it is easy to find one that will suit your needs. Like the others, these are mold and mildew resistant, and it’s very easy to clean them off when you’re finished.

Balajees Indoor/Outdoor RV Picnic Mat Rug

The Balajees mat rug is another fantastic option awaiting people that want an excellent outdoor mat. It’s low in price, comes in multiple sizes (up to 9x12), and the item is low maintenance as far as rugs go. These have an Indian design to them, so they are vibrant, colorful, and have nice patterns.

Cleaning one of these rugs is also very simple; just use water or a brush for dirt. You can simply fold this one along the fold line for easy storage. If you’re not looking for a massive, luxurious rug, this could be the one for you! 


There are many outdoor rugs that will give you a nice experience stepping outside of your RV. Not only will they even the ground, but they’ll make it more comfortable for you to sit outside after a long day of driving. Any of these unique products will meet your needs! If you are enjoying this article, check out our article on the best rv lithium battery.