Best RV Refrigerator

Your refrigerator is an essential appliance for you to take with you on your RV adventures. It’s going to keep your food safe and edible, but you have to have some forethought in your purchase. The best RV refrigerator will take into account power use, size limits, and cooling potential. Looking at the top available product, Dometic DM2652RB Americana Double Door RV Refrigerator, we’ll show you several different options that you may consider for this purchase. [Interesting read: best rv bike rack]


Dometic DM2652RB Americana Double Door RV Refrigerator

The best refrigerator for your RV is this Dometic. There are a lot of features to love about this particular refrigerator, including its energy efficiency. You can run this fridge on 1501 BTU/h of gas or electricity. Nobody wants to run a fridge that is going to send them into a blackout. The door lock is another high point, as this prevents the door from swinging open as it’s being jostled on the road.

This model even has a freezer that can keep your food fresher for longer. Another great point is that you can change the shelving on the fridge to suit your needs. That flexibility, combined with a fairly moderate price point, makes this product perfect for most people.

SMETA Propane Refrigerator with Freezer

Another fridge that can be powered by gas or electric, the SMETA, is genuinely something special. People that buy them know that they’re getting a powerful, large fridge that cuts down on the costs to cool their food. It will use roughly 0.6lbs of gas per day to keep your food.

The storage is a high point since it has slide-out storage shelves and even crispers that you can use for vegetables. It doesn’t put out a lot of noise, either. That is something people enjoy a great deal about this product. You have three cubic feet of space and 0.4 cubic feet for the freezer, more than enough for most people in an RV. [Interesting read: best rv tankless water heater]

Norcold 3.7 cu. ft N3150AGR 5.3 Cf Refrigerator

The Norcold model is an excellent fridge for your RV, and as you can see in its description, this one comes with a nice 3.7 cubic feet of space. People love that you can actively control the temperature in the fridge, which plays a role in controlling power usage.

Another thing that people enjoy is the wooden door, which helps it match any RV interior. You can easily change between gas and electric like most other models on this list, too. You’ll also find that this product is very easy to clean due to the materials used inside- powder-coated shelves. You can hold a gallon and half-gallon bottles in this space with no problem! [Interesting read: best rv security system]


Whynter FM-65G 65-Quart Portable Refrigerator

The Whynter portable fridge is unique because it mostly looks like a chest freezer. You will get 2.12 cubic feet of space, but you will have access to all of it. You get steel housing for your goods to separate them and to keep them from sliding. Still, if you’re worried about having a fridge crashing around in your RV, then this is the solution or you.

You can read the temperature on the outside because of the LED display and the walls inside are highly insulated. This can be used for freezing or as a fridge, and that versatility has made it very popular on our list. The only downside concerning this product is that it tends to be on the expensive side of things. Yet, you get so much out of having this product that it’s hard to deny it’s worth every penny.  [Interesting read: best rv toilets]

Avanti RA7316PST 2-Door Apartment Size Refrigerator

The Avanti model of RV refrigerator is gaining a nice reputation for being useful in an RV. The doors aren’t going to swing open when you’re driving despite having a separate compartment for your freezer goods and your refrigerated ones.

The doors on this model are reversible, so it’s up to you to mount them to suit your tastes. It’s very lightweight and comes with flexible shelving and bins so you can fit your food in the way that you want. This model does come with leveling legs, so you’ll get it set up the way you need in your RV. The price is on the high end of moderate, but it’s still worth getting separate freezer space.  [Interesting read: best places camp midwest]

ICECO VL45 RV Portable Refrigerator

The ICECO name is a popular one in RV fridges. It’s another lockable fridge that looks like a chest freezer. It won’t tip over, and it’s made out of some very heavy-duty stuff. It will run solely on electricity, as long as you have a 12v battery.

You can take this with you anywhere you go since it is lightweight. You’ll get two different power cables to help you hook it up, too. The display will work for Celsius or Fahrenheit temperatures, and the price is in the higher end of the middle like the Avanti model. All in all, it’s good, and it fits a fair amount of food, so it should work for you.  [Interesting read: best class b rv full time living]


The right fridge for your RV and your lifestyle is something that everyone should get. However, with this list of potential candidates, you’ll have your choice of some very good models. They’re all a little on the higher end of price, for the most part, but they can run off different power sources and endure the difficulties of travel!