The Best RV Rubber Roof Cleaner

Although the EDPM rubber on RVs is strong, it is notoriously difficult to clean. However, with the right tools, anyone can wash their RV and have it looking like new. With so many useful products on the market, like Protect All Rubber Roof Cleaner, it’s important to recognize several of the brands that work best. We’ve made things easy by putting together a list of the best RV rubber roof cleaners that you can buy today.

Protect All Rubber Roof Cleaner (67128)

Protect All is a brand that is common to many RV owners and for a good reason. The 67128 formula is one of the best RV rubber roof cleaners because it is specially designed to work on the EPDM and maintain its membrane. This biodegradable cleaner does not need to be diluted, either. Simply apply it to a section of the roof, scrub it, and then mop it up. There’s no need to rinse it off of the roof; once you’re finished absorbing it with a mop, the cleaning and degreasing process is over. The ease with which RV owners can use this product and its safety make it one of the cleaners.

B.E.S.T Rubber Roof Cleaner/Protectant

The B.E.S.T Roof Cleaner/Protectant lives up to its name by providing an effective cleaning product. RV owners tend to love most about this product because it both cleans and protects rubber roofs. That means it will help you wipe away grime and then keep mold from growing outside your roof. The UV blocker in the formula is a bonus that offers even more protection for the investment that is an RV. Best of all, it’s actually on the lower end of the price spectrum, so it’s affordable.

Camco 41453 Pro-Tec Pro-Strength Rubber Roof Care System

For the RV owners willing to put in some careful time and effort, the Camco 41452 Pro-Tec Pro-Strength cleaning system should be on the list. The reason it didn’t get top honors is the amount of work that goes into cleaning. In this case, the first step of the treatment has you clean your roof like most other cleaners. That will remove the oxidation and chalking that is commonly seen on a rubber roof. Next, you must put down the protection layer with a sponge mop or other similar device. It can take some time to clean, dry, and add the protection formula, but this will reduce the amount of wear and tear the roof takes with UV and dirt protection. It’s worth the effort, but this is more time, money, and work than many other standalone cleaners.

Dicor RP-RC-1GL Rubber Roof Cleaner

The Dicor rubber roof cleaner is a standard cleaning product. You simply wet the roof section that you’d like to clean, spray the cleaner without diluting it, and use a scrub brush. This biodegradable formula is very effective at cleaning, and it does an excellent job of giving your roof a shiny finish. The only downside for some people is that you must rinse it off after you’re done, which is best to do when you’re going to clean the entire RV.

Bugs N All Professional Strength Vehicle Cleaner/ Bug Remover

Surprisingly, Bugs N All made a general cleaner that works great on the rubber roof of an RV. It also helps with the awning and siding, too. This formula is a highly concentrated product that you add to water and utilize for many cleanings. It’s great for removing heavy grime from the roof along with oxidation. You simply use the diluted formula in a bucket with a scrub brush, clean off the roof, and then let it dry. It’s great for stubborn, stuck-on stains of all sorts.

Camco Pro Strength Rubber Cleaner

The Camco rubber roof cleaner is conveniently placed in a spray bottle for you, and that earns it a spot on this list right away. Truly, though, the product is very efficient at removing tree sap and other stuck-on gunk like bugs or bird droppings. The product is inexpensive and simple to use. The person cleaning the roof simply sprays, scrubs, and then lightly rinse the freshly cleaned area before it is allowed to dry. Like other products requiring a rinse afterward, it’s best to use this product when you are cleaning the entire RV so that any of the cleaners from the roof can be wiped away before forming new streaks.

Thetford Premium RV Rubber Roof Cleaner

Thetford is a good cleaner, but perhaps not as great as some of the others we have listed here. It is affordable, biodegradable, and very safe to utilize. Users spray the product on the roof that they’re cleaning, scrub it, and then let it dry. Like some other cleaners, you have to stand at the ready to make sure the excess doesn’t leak down the side or get streaks. This product can be used for RV’s roof, including rubber, vinyl, and aluminum, so it is versatile but not as specialized as some other choices.

Finding the best RV rubber roof cleaner does not have to be a hassle. Instead, it’s best to look at the style of cleaner that suits you best. Whether you want a two-step system that will offer untold protection or just a very effective cleaner that you can use and then move on with your day, there’s something for everyone.