Best RV Security System

Protecting your investment into your RV is necessary, and one of the easiest ways to obtain this protection is with a security system. These potent systems will ward off thieves and alert you when something goes wrong. Examining the best RV security systems, such as the HeimVision HMD2 Wireless 1080P Security Camera, will show you the various products on the market and let you determine which one would help your particular case.

HeimVision HMD2 Wireless 1080P Security Camera

There are more than a few reasons to consider the HeimVision HMD2 as the best RV security system. When it comes to stopping thieves, you need lights, and you need cameras. The HeimVision model detects movement for you and activates the camera. It even has night vision on it, and it works to get video and pictures in a 130-degree swath. If you strategically place this camera, then you’ll not only have a lot of areas covered, but the shots will be crystal clear in the 1080P.

This camera has passive infrared sensors (PIR) that will activate even when an animal comes close. It will snap pictures or take videos and send you alerts on your phone when specific criteria have been met. The product also comes with an app that you may use for cloud storage, and it is weatherproof so it’s easy to mount outside. Best of all, it’s on the low end of the price spectrum!

Dewalt MobileLock DS600

Dewalt Mobilelock is for people that want a nice deterrent without setting up too much fancy equipment. This is a portable tracking system and an anti-theft alarm that tracks the location of the box.

Moreover, it has an alarm and app synchronization to alert you when certain events happen. It doesn’t look like much at first, and that’s a good thing. You add this to the door of your RV or some other interior place. Then, you activate the app, and it allows you to customize the coverage you get. You can arm the alarm based on temperature, movement, tilt, or contact. You can set a schedule for it. While you don’t get a camera to protect your RV, this is a great last line of defense if you’re worried about your RV’s camera systems not working.

Tattletale Security System

The Tattletale is a good base security system to include in your RV. It’s a portable system that you can easily mount or move with ease. There are many kinds of security information that you can get from this system. You may connect it with other devices like smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors.

It can be connected to the police and fire companies if an emergency happens. It’s tamperproof and comes with a backup power source that will last 20 hours in the event of an outage, giving you plenty of time to get monitoring while you get to the scene. This system is great for internal security, but it won’t do a whole lot for prevention.  


When you’re trying to lock down your RV to prevent people from getting inside unnoticed, you’ll want more than a camera watching. That’s what SimpliSafe does. This wireless security system comes with several pieces of equipment that you may use to secure the windows, doors, and other sensitive areas on your RV.

Since this is more of a home security system, you’ll find that it has panic buttons, both silent and loud, and a very loud alarm that will drive most intruders away immediately. This base pack comes with four entry monitors, window monitors, motion sensors, and signs. You simply plug in the base, place the sensors, and activate the monitoring system, which does have a monthly fee.

Guardzilla GZ360 360 Degree Security Camera For RV

Cameras for the inside of your RV are also important, and that is why the Guardzilla is on the list. The appearance of 360-degree pictures and monitoring has made the process of security easier than ever before.

You simply place the Guardzilla in a spot that needs all-around monitoring, and you’ll have a live feed with HD visuals and sound. You get motion sensors as well as sirens; you can even speak through the system if needed. You’re able to have messages sent to specific devices, too. This is an amazing interior security device.

GE Personal Security Window and Door Alarm

If you’re looking for a basic means to thwart people from entering your RV, then the GE Personal Security Window and Door Alarm is perfect for you. This product is very inexpensive and works in a very simple fashion. You mount it to the door or window that you don’t want to be opened, put on the chime or alarm mode, and then close the door. When contact is lost, it will emit a very loud noise.

However, that will not call the police or anything- it will only make a noise to let you know that someone is trying to get in. That can be enough to send people fleeing, and it’s great if you’re sleeping in the RV. As with everything else, you get what you pay for with this system.

In Closing

There are a lot of different ways that you can set your RV up for security. You can have cameras on the outside or inside, put up motion sensors, or lockdown everything with infrared, temperature sensing, and more. The best RV security system is probably a combination of two on this list, protecting you inside and outside.