Best RV Step Covers

The cover on the stairs leading into your RV might not be an area you think about too much. However, the first time you slip going up the steps or you track in a lot of mud; you might change your mind. That’s why we’re going to examine the best RV step covers on the market today. Some of the products, like the Prest-O-Fit 2-0205 RV Step Rug, are the key to keeping your interior clean and safe while entering and exiting your RV.


Prest-O-Fit 2-0205 RV Step Rug

The Prest-O-Fit RV Step Rug cover is a great option when you’re looking to put a cover on your RV steps. This product is made from rugged materials that you can buy in a host of different colors, allowing you to get a bright-colored safety step piece or something that blends into your RV stairs. This particular piece is made for curved stairs, a rarity on the market. If you are enjoying this article check out the best rv battery disconnect switch.

The material is perfect for cleaning off your shoes before you get inside the RV, and it comes with the benefit of being finished on all edges. You can easily clean this product with water and then let it dry. It will give you the grip that you need to ascend and descend with confidence and security, and the cost is relatively low. It’s very easy to install even if you’re not particularly handy. All in all, it’s tough to match or beat this low-cost step cover option.

Safety Step SA11-00 Sand Away Step Rug Charcoal

This option is very useful if you would prefer to get a thicker step cover going into your RV. You can count on the product helping you manage dirt and other grime as you make your way inside. You don’t even need to break out your toolbox to install this item, and it will go directly on the steps. If you are enjoying this article check out the best rv thermostat.

You attach this to the step using the “ears” made from polymer, and there are two springs and spring hooks underneath the step that allow you to fasten it to the individual stair. As long as you measure before you buy, you’ll get a quality fit for your steps. Again, you can clean this off with a hose and then allow it to air-dry. It comes in one color, charcoal, but that will still stand out enough to let you see it. The price is a tad higher than the product mentioned above, though.

Camco 42925 18” Gray Step Rug

Camco has a gray step rug that you can use for 18” steps. It also uses hook springs to help you affix it to the step as needed. It will help take the dirt and grime off of your shoes to be left outside where it belongs. This is a thinner piece that is meant to be tough and provide traction; it’s not as plush as a rug. It can fit steps with a tread of 8” or 10.5” to suit your needs. It will work on manual stairs and electric stairs, so there’s no need to wonder about that. Lastly, this product is very low on the cost spectrum for these items, so you can buy it confidently! If you are enjoying this article check out the best rv antifreeze.

ARL Outdoors Wraparound Step Cover

The ARL step covers are another quality product that will fit an 8” or 10.5” stair. They’re made in the U.S. and built to meet the rigorous standards of outdoors people that want a step cover that will take a lot of traffic. It is secured using heavy-duty zip-ties, so you will need a couple of tools to get this set up on your stairs. This product is easily cleaned, and it provides a pretty good grip for the bottom of your shoes.

Shade Pro RV Step Covers

The Shade Pro step covers are a little more ornate than most others on the market today. They’re also a little pricier than other models. Still, you’ll find that the material is specially designed to catch dirt, so you don’t track it inside. Also, it is attached with springs and grommets for an easy install on stairs that are up to 24” wide. You can easily trim this product without it becoming frayed and unusable, too. All in all, this is a great product that you can try for your RV. If you are enjoying this article check out the best rv tpms.

Camco 42947 22-inch RV Step Rug

Camco made the list again with the 22-inch iteration of the RV step rug. The product is made from artificial turf, so it’s very easy to clean and install. Moreover, it comes with a TPE backing that will keep the product from sliding out of place over time. You can clean your feet on this with a swipe, and it will take a lot of the dirt off your boots. It’s in the middle in terms of price, and it resists mildew, rust, and corrosion. All in all, it’s a fantastic product that dries very quickly after a rainstorm so you can stay safe on your steps.


Each of the rugs that we have gone through in search of the best RV step covers is a great option. The only thing that you have to ensure is that the style works for you, and the item will fit your steps. Most of these are designed so that you can easily install them and then replace them as needed. While these items are mostly inexpensive, you can invest some money into a step cover that will cost a little money but give you a great deal of peace of mind. If you are enjoying this article check out the best rv portable waste tank.