Best RV Surge Protector

Any time you hook up your RV to an outside electrical source, anything can happen. That is why it is always a great idea to look at the best RV surge protectors so that you can protect your valuable electronics from harm. Beginning with the TRC Surge Guard 44260 Portable Surge Protector, we will demonstrate several brands and types worthy of being used in your RV.

TRC Surge Guard 44260 Portable Surge Protector

One of the most frustrating things about RV parks is trying to figure out whether your power is not connected right or if there is an issue with the park’s power. This portable surge protector will tell you what is going on when you hook it up with its display, taking away one miserable experience.

While some people might balk at the price, when you consider the costs of replacing electronics, this is a simple choice to make. The product is easy to move and use, and it's incredibly weather-resistant as well. The users report that it can handle RVs for up to 1,200 joules for protection. Buyers get all that and the verification of the pedestal power through analysis of the available circuits, so it’s well worth the price.

Camco Heavy-duty Dogbone RV Circuit Analyzer

The Camco name is famous for RV products, and that’s why most users want to have this brand protect their electronics. Like some of the best RV surge protectors, this product will give you diagnostics and lights to show you what is happening with your product. Also, it will inform you about any faults that are in an electrical box when you plug them in.

The product is very weather-resistant, and it comes with grips so you can plug and unplug your RV with confidence. All in all, it’s a good idea to purchase this surge protector.

Progressive Industries 313.1168 SSP30X Surge Protector

The Progressive Industries model is a fantastic choice for people who want a surge protector that offers many benefits. For one thing, it’s great for checking the power source before you plug in your RV. It has operating temperatures between -40C to +105C, so you can count on this working when you need it most. It’s thermally protected and capable of withstanding anything that the weather can throw at it.

Finally, it comes with a lifetime warranty that ensures you will be using this as long as you have an RV. It is a little bit expensive, but it’s an investment that you will only need to make once.

Southwire Surge Guard 44280

The Southwire Surge Guard was specifically made with the needs of an RV so that it can withstand a lot of adverse weather and it comes with a rain guard. Also, it will analyze the circuits to check the status of your power source before you begin using it. That will help you find a dead outlet so you can move to another one and plug in. It looks for open ground, correct polarity, open neutral, and more!

Hughes Autoformer PWD30

The Hughes Autoformer is another option that you have for surge protectors, and it brings a lot to the table. For starters, you’ll find that the surge protector offers a universal fit so there is no question about whether or not it will work for your particular RV.

Another interesting thing is that it has 30 AMP protection against harmful power surges. It’s lightweight, weighing in at about three pounds. Moreover, it has handles designed for easy gripping, so you don’t wear out the wire hooking it up. Finally, it’s incredibly portable, and it has a readout that will tell you whether or not you have a proper electrical feed occurring.

Progressive Industries SSP-30XL Surge Protector

Progressive Industries appears to have some of the best surge protectors on the market, and it’s clear that this is a great addition to the list. It’s not often that you find a surge protector with a UL Certification and Canadian Approval, but this one has both. Another great thing about this particular model is it’s very rugged and meant for heavy-duty outdoor use.

The indicators will tell you whether there is a good power feed, miswired pedestal connections, etc. You don’t have to look for the causes of problems when they’re right in front of you.

Technology Research 34850 Surge Guard

The final product that we’re going to look at is the Technology Research surge guard. This one is great because it will Monitor both the amp draw and Vault draw simultaneously. This version will shut off automatically in the event of overheating, too. It’s very lightweight, and it has other features like grips for you to hold when you’re plugging in wires. It offers 3850 Joules of protection during a power surge, so it will keep your electronics safe.

The only downside is that it lacks some of the fireproofing available in other models, but it makes up for it with the automatic shutoff at a heat threshold. Overall, this is a very good, effective model.

Trying to find the best RV surge protector is a lot easier with this list. While many of the surge protectors on the market are similar, the fact remains that there are some elements that make certain models stand out among the crowd. All in all, you can’t go wrong with any of the choices that we have presented for this list of products.