Best RV Tire Covers

While the cover on a tire might be the last thing that people think about when they’re planning a trip in their RV, it’s something that everyone should consider. After all, you do not want to be in the position where you expect to see a well-maintained tire only to discover that the elements damaged it. Looking at some of the best RV tire covers like the Classic Accessories OverDrive Deluxe, it’s clear that some of these products are a lot more effective than others. We’ll provide you with a variety of great options to pick up for the off-season.


Classic Accessories OverDrive Deluxe

The Classic Accessories OverDrive Deluxe is undoubtedly among the best RV tire covers on the market today. It can fit tires on trailers, 5th wheels, and RVs alike, making it a versatile choice. It fits tires that are 24-27” in diameter and 8.5” wide. Every set includes covers for four tires, and they’re relatively inexpensive despite their high-quality design. Putting them on is simple since they have an elasticized back panel and two eyelets on the rear to get the bottom in place. The covers are made from the vinyl, meaning they are very strong against the elements and they can wipe clean with ease. When looking at overall value and protection, it’s hard to beat these tire covers.

Amfor Waterproof Aluminum Film Tire Covers 

The material used to make the tire covers has a significant impact on their effectiveness. That’s why the Amfor Waterproof Aluminum Film covers are so widely considered a top choice for this kind of product. They’re easy to install and use two hooks to make sure that they stay in place.

They’re sold in sets of four, used on tires that are 27-29” in diameter, and can be fitted on RVs, cars, and trucks. The outside is made from aluminum film, and the inside is cotton wool, providing protection and durability. Overall, these are effective tire covers, and they’re inexpensive to boot!

Camco Vinyl (45323)

Although the Camco Vinyl tire covers are a little more expensive, they come with an excellent track record of keeping RV tires in great shape. These covers can be bought in several varieties, allowing the user to find the size and color that works best for them.

The product protects the tires from sun, rain, dirt, and corrosion when a vehicle is sitting for a while. Aside from being durable and weatherproof, they’re easy to install and remove. You simply use the buckle and strap system to put them on the tire, and then you’re finished. They’re known for lasting a while, but the only drawback is that they’re sold in sets of two instead of four, but they’re worth every bit you spend on them.

ADCO Tan Tire Guard Wheel Cover

The ADCO designer series is a more robust and high-priced tire cover than what most people buy. However, it’s still something that you should consider because of the exceptional quality with which they’re made. The tire covers come in various sizes and sets of four; they can be ordered to fit the vast majority of RV tires.

The material used is flannel-backed vinyl. Not only is the outside-facing portion of the tire guard very strong, but the inside acts as a second line of defense through the most adverse weather. These tire guards will easily repel water and UV light. Lastly, these tire guards fit more snugly than other brands due to the bungee-ball securing system unique to ADCO. You don’t have to worry about these tire covers blowing away in the wind.

Classic Accessories OverDrive RV Dual Axle

The Classic Accessories OverDrive RV Dual Axle is notable because it is made from durable materials and fits over two tires (one axle) per cover. They have three different sizes available, and one of them will likely fit your RV. The heavy-duty vinyl offers UV and mildew protection to the tires while also being easy to clean and put on the vehicle.

You just slip them on the tires, tie them through the eyelets, and you’re ready to go. Lastly, it’s always a good thing when a company backs up their product with a warranty. You get a three-year warranty on this product starting the day you buy it.

TCP Global Brand

The TCP Global Brand RV tire covers are effective at maintaining proper weather protection on your tires. They feature waterproof, heavy-duty vinyl that is backed by flannel. Not only does that protect the tires on the outside, but it ensures they stay safe on the inside as well. You can expect a high degree of UV, water, and mild protection when using them. Another benefit is that the TCP tire covers are larger than average in terms of width.

They’ll cover a tire up to 11” wide compared with other brands topping out at 9”. Securing the covers is a simple matter of slipping the cover over and making the fit snug using the nylon strap buckle. These tire covers are easy to use, offer excellent protection, and are also easy to clean.


Proper tire covers are an essential investment to make. They’ll keep your tires in good shape from one year to the next. While no product can protect your tires from everything, the best RV tire covers will give you the best chance to get your trips started on the right foot with your tires intact!