Best RV Windshield Covers

When considering RV accessories, many people forget about things that can make them more comfortable. One product that can help a fair amount is the best RV windshield cover to suit your needs.

These products come in many different sizes and can help you in several ways. It will keep your cabin cool, prevent UV damage to your interior, and make it, so your seats aren’t too hot to sit on at the end of the day. Looking at some of the best options available, like the ADCO 2409 RV Cover, we’ll show you what you should buy to keep your interior cool. Be mindful, though. Not all of these covers are going to fit every RV.


ADCO 2409 RV Cover

When you’re going to look at the top RV windshield cover, you have to go with the ADCO 2409. This product is great for many reasons, but you have to make sure that it fits your RV. This product is made from heavy-duty automotive vinyl that will not only offer you excellent protection for your vehicle, but it’s also going to give you the benefit of matching your paint.

This will protect your dashboard against the sun and maintain privacy and coolness inside of your RV. This model has sewn pockets and magnets that will help keep this in place even if there is some wind. It’s mostly useful for Class C RVs, though. People love using this product because it will be easy to install on their particular RV, so there is no need to wrestle with the cover.  

Mofeez RV Class C Ford 1997-2018 Windshield Cover

This is another product best used on the Class C RVs out there for the years 1997-2018. The one thing that people tend to notice about this product early on is the low price. It’s inexpensive, and it comes with the benefit of being made from quality products.

This isn’t a product that will let in a little light- it’s something that will do a great job at keeping the inside of your RV cool and private. When you put this product on your windshield, you’ll find that it has magnets and hooks that go into your door. In other words, thieves will have a hard time getting away with your product. It is very easy to use, and it will work for years to come!

ADCO 2405 Polar White Windshield Cover

It should be no surprise to see ADCO on the list of items again because their products are so good. This is perfect for a Class C product. It will offer you protection against the sun, and it can be fastened to your vehicle without having to use anything but the fiber hooks and magnets.

Not only do you get a secure fit, but you’ll also get an anti-theft aspect to the product that lets you, and only you take this item off of your RV. This comes with both a storage pouch and a 3-year warranty. The price is slightly higher than the others, but it’s still a top pick for the Class C RVs. It comes in a Polar White color, which works for most users’ aesthetic tastes.  

Sunguard Windshield Covers SG100

The Sunguard Windsheld model SG100 is a fantastic item for people to consider on their RV. This is perfect for the full-size Class A motorhomes that most people associate with RVs. These covers are so dark that you will not see out of them, and people outside cannot see inside of them.

That means you will be keeping your inside cooler and protecting your interior from sun damage. These are custom-made for your particular needs, so they cost a lot more than usual. However, they also come with wiper savers and a 12-year warranty. It’s a solid investment for most people to make. Best of all, you can get them in many different colors to match your RV exterior. Not only will it protect you, but it will look stylish from the moment that you easily install them.

ShadeMaster Windshield Cover

The ShadeMaster Windshield cover is a fantastic option or most people that are looking for a quality product. This is another product that is made for the Class A trailers out there, but it is also one that has to be custom-made for your particular needs. You can use this product for increased privacy, protection for your interior, and more.

This item comes with reinforced seams that will keep it functioning well no matter how often you use it. It comes loaded with a 5-year warranty, and it costs a little less than the Sunguard. You can get this in several colors to suit your RV’s looks. The product can reduce heat gain in a vehicle by up to 25%, and it can also block upwards of 94% of all UV light.


There are many different products that you ca interior use for RV windshield covers. Whether you have a Class A, C, or anything in-between as your RV, you’ll want the opportunity to get the product that is right for you. By looking at this list, you’ll find many items that offer great protection and privacy for your RV interior. Just make sure that the items listed here fit your vehicle, and you’ll be cooler and more private for your effort.