Best Short Queen RV Mattress

Your bed is one of the most important things that you can buy. You spend roughly a third of your life asleep, so it has to be a good one. The same goes for when you’re in an RV. However, you have to consider the space requirements, which is why we’re looking at the best RV mattress short queen on the market today. Aside from the DynastyMattress CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam RV Mattress, we’ll show you several available options to get a great night of sleep in your RV.

DynastyMattress CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam RV Mattress

The DynastyMattress is an excellent option for people that want a comfortable mattress as they would have at home, but in a size that would work in an RV. This mattress features 10 inches of cushioning with a gel memory foam that will keep you cool while you sleep. This mattress comes in a lot of different sizes, including the coveted short queen.

Not only is this a firm and supportive mattress, but it has the added benefit of giving you great airflow. Some other things that stand out about this particular product is that it has a 20-years limited warranty and a 120-day trial. It is certified by CertiPUR-US, so it’s a very effective and unique bed. Best of all the price for the mattress is on the low-to-mid part of the price spectrum for typical short queen mattresses. It’s luxurious! [Interesting read: best rv wax fiberglass]

Zinus Deluxe Short Queen Memory Foam for RV Mattress

The Zinus model is another that offers the user an incredible warranty of 10 years, and we love it when a company stands behind its work. The bed is 8-inches thick and has memory foam in the topper. This product is made from the latest in foam styles, giving you a restful night of sleep on three different foam forms made to keep you asleep.

This is a very affordable product, too, on the low end of the spectrum of price. Still, you get many comforts, and you can get it shipped to you in a box. You might want to air it out before you use it, though. It can contain a smell from the packaging, but it will go away. [Interesting read: best rv washer dryer combo]

Lucid Gel Memory Foam RV Mattress

Another fantastic mattress option for a short queen that isn’t going to put you through the wringer on price is the Lucid Gel Memory Foam product. It has 2.5 inches of gel infusion and an added 7.5 inches of high-density foam beneath that. It is specially made for use in an RV, too. For people that sleep without a lot of air conditioning, you’ll be happy to find that this mattress regulates temperatures and wicks away moisture to keep you comfortable. You can get a 10-year warranty with this product as well. All in all, it might not be the most breathable product on the market, but it’s still good. [Interesting read: best rv water pressure regulator]

Live & Sleep Resort Classic Memory Foam RV Mattress

Live & Sleep might not be a familiar brand, but they made a good mattress in this case. The one thing that most people like is that the cover is removable so you can wash it from time to time. The bed contains 8.5 inches of foam to support your body while you sleep.

The bed is hypoallergenic, perfect for people who have tried other mattresses and found out too late they were allergic to some material in it. It’s very breathable as far as beds go, and it comes with a free memory foam pillow. You can get it in the short queen size, and the price is on the higher edge of the moderate zone on the price spectrum.

Sleep Master Spring RV Mattress

It’s always good to have a standard spring mattress as an option because some people sleep better on them, and they prefer to have a low-priced option available to them. That is precisely what you get from this product.

It’s shipped to you in a box, comes with 10-inches of support using springs, and it uses a special “iCoil” system to ensure that you don’t transfer movement between you and your partner. It’s a very high-quality product, and it is on the low-end of the cost spectrum. 

Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam RV Mattress

Zinus made the list again with this model. It can come in 8 and 10-inches if you have a low ceiling in your RV bedroom, and it comes in the right short queen size. It’s made with eco-safe chemicals and has a fiber-quilt topper to support your comfort.

The mattress top has pressure-relieving foams so that you’ll melt into this after a long day of driving, hiking, and journeying. It comes with a 10-year warranty, and that’s a great thing to have for people that use these mattresses a lot. All in all, even though the price is high, so is the quality. People that shop on the high end will benefit from this product. [Interesting read: best pet temperature monitor rv]


Choosing the best mattress for your RV might seem complicated, but it’s not. Thanks to the advent of the short queen size and its growing popularity, you can get a bed that is as comfortable as the one you keep at home in your RV. You just have to know the right brands to use so you can get the most out of your bed. All of these options we’ve listed here are perfect for that cause!