When is the Best Time to Buy a Travel Trailer?

The best time to buy a travel trailer is winter, while summer is the worst time to go shopping for a travel trailer. 

Remember that summer is peak travel time for vacationers. During summer months, the demand for a brand new travel trailer or rental travel trailer is high. 

On the other hand, winter is off-season for camping and so the demand for travel trailers is low. In that regard, buying a travel trailer in winter is considered your best bet.

Why Winter? 

There are several reasons to shop for your travel trailer in winter. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Enjoy a Red Carpet Reception

One of the reasons we love to buy travel trailers in winter is the attention we receive. Walk into any travel trailer showroom in winter and you will be amazed by the attention you get. This is because the sales executives see less potential buyers in the winter. 

Summer traffic in travel trailer showrooms is exceptionally high. You get less attention and you are likely to find yourself struggling to be noticed by the seller.

Find a Wide Selection 

If you are looking for the best time to buy a travel trailer, winter is much more appropriate. You will have a much better opportunity to check out different models. In other words, more travel trailers are displayed at the showrooms giving the buyers an opportunity to check out the different models. You can try the latest models and enjoy a good opportunity to seek answers for any questions you may have.

Better Prices 

In winter, the sales personnel will most likely offer higher discounts to attract more sales. This creates a good opportunity to negotiate the best price on the travel trailer of your choice. 

Conversely, summer is the worst time to negotiate the price of a travel trailer. This is because the sales personnel are already experiencing high demand, with travelers ready to spend more money on their trailer of choice.

Travel Trailer Clearance Deals in winter

Manufacturers of travel trailers will offer winter deals to attract more sales, and achieve sales targets. Therefore, if you are looking to secure a travel trailer for the next summer, start shopping in winter.

Enjoy Better Deals Beyond

Upon acquiring your travel trailer, you will most likely want to have it customized. Sales  are still low, so those who specialize in travel trailer customization are also experiencing low demand. In that regard, you stand a good chance at receiving better attention, and of course, attractive packages.

More Time to Prepare for Summertime Camping

Do you want to avoid the last-minute rush? Buy your camper in winter and have ample time to customize it. Part of the preparation involves finding an appropriate towing car. This allows you to camp as much as possible. 

Now you know why winter is the best time to buy a travel trailer. Here are some tips on how to find the best deal.

How To Secure the Best Deals

Shop Around 

Buying travel trailers from the same dealer repeatedly does not guarantee you the best deals. This is the worst mistake made by repeat buyers. They tend to think that loyalty guarantees them the best deals. 

However, the reality is that you may not realize the better deals offered by the other dealerships across the street. Drive to different dealers or browse their websites to discover better deals on travel trailers

Buy Used

When it comes to RVing, the reality is that the travel trailer could be used only once in a year. The travel trailer is not like a regular car, driven on a daily basis. For a used travel trailer, you may be required to do some minor repairs to get the rig back in shape. 

If you opt to purchase a used travel trailer rather than a brand new one, go for private use rather than a commercial travel trailer. Private use travel trailers are typically better cared for since they are driven and maintained by the owner. Commercial use travel trailers are not typically well maintained.  

Lastly, a used travel trailer leaves you with some extra cash that could be used to cover necessary improvements and customization.

Find a Friendly Salesperson

When buying a trailer, try to find a salesperson who is open and willing to listen to your RV needs. A friendly salesperson will advise you accordingly, and even share with you upcoming deals. Therefore, from the moment you walk into the dealer’s showroom; focus on identifying the salesperson who appears friendly to customers. They are your best option for finding a great deal.

Understand Your Needs

Are you looking for a travel trailer suitable for full-time RVing? You are most likely interested in weekend getaways. Different travel trailers are designed to serve specific customer requirements. You should be conscious of the kind of needs you have. This helps you to choose the most appropriate travel trailer in less time.

Buy Travel Trailers in winter

Buying a travel trailer in the off-season provides a great opportunity to save some extra cash. This is due to end of the year deals offered by the travel trailer manufacturers. Consider that travel trailer manufacturers are looking to meet their sales goals. Therefore, the low season is when they are offering deals to attract more buyers. Waiting for winter deals is a good trick for securing better deals on the travel trailer of your choice.

Key Takeaway

Are you planning to purchase a travel trailer? The best time to buy a travel trailer is in winter. This is when the sales department is suffering from lower sales; hence, they offer discounts to improve their numbers. Do not forget to apply the tricks we have explained here in order to secure better deals on your next travel trailer.