What is Boondocking?

If you are a newbie in the RVing world, you might have heard experienced RVers mention the term boondocking. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know what that means.

Boondocking refers to camping without any hookups. Also referred to as dispersed camping or dry camping, boondocking is becoming popular among full-time RVers. For RV enthusiasts, boondocking involves driving into the wilderness to set up camp using no hookups. 

Choosing to go boondocking could mean camping at little to no cost, which is something that most RVer’s can appreciate. 

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Why Go Boondocking?

Boondocking allows RV owners to enjoy the scenery beyond the campground.

Boondocking provides a perfect adventure, allowing a chance to enjoy scenic views in different parks that are off the beaten path. If you are tired of city life, boondocking gives you an opportunity to connect with nature. You do, however, have to ‘rough it,’ as they say.

It is a great way to save money.

Another big reason to consider boondocking is the opportunity to save some cash. If you were at a campsite where there are full hookups and different amenities, you would have to pay the convenience fee. However, at the boondocking sites, chances are that you only pay to access the park which would lower your cost significantly.

It allows for more privacy.

Not everyone will leave a fully hooked up campsite to go boondocking. For some campers, however, boondocking is worth it, considering the peace and quiet that comes with it.

Everyone else is boondocking, why not jump on the bandwagon?

Boondocking is quickly becoming a movement in the camping world. Not only because it is a great way to save money as you enjoy the scenic views, but ‘roughing it’ also adds a sense of adventure. Another reason to go boondocking is to find out why this is such a fun trend. Drive out of your comfort zone. Head to a boondocking area near you!

How to Choose a Perfect Boondocking Site

Are you interested in boondocking? Here are some important tips to help you find the best possible boondocking site.

Choose a pre-existing campsite 

If it is your first time boondocking, chances are that you will want to try a familiar area. This is because such sites have proven to be secure and adequate for your boondocking needs. 

Another reason why we deem existing campsites best for boondocking is that these sites usually have clear road access with adequate water. Choosing an established campsite is also going to do less damage to the nature around you. These factors together make the pre-existing sites a wonderful choice for boondockers.

Ask the Professionals

When exploring an area for a boondocking site, consider consulting the respective land management agency. If they allow boondocking, chances are that they will advise you on the best sites, and even provide you a map with GPS coordinates.

Check out boondocking apps.

There are dozens of boondocking applications available from Google Play and the Apple App Store. These applications map different boondocking sites and provide information on attractions available in that area. Moreover, past users review and post comments regarding the boondocking sites. This will prove helpful when it comes to finding a place to park and camp.

Safety first!

When choosing a boondocking site, it is important that you observe the laws and any warnings issued by government agencies. Do not choose a site where threats are highlighted by past boondockers and ensure the area is not prone to extreme weather conditions that may threaten your safety.

Key Takeaway

Boondocking can prove to be a great experience. As mentioned before, it can open the door to a whole new world if you are used to camping with full access to water and electricity. Remember, you may save some cash in the process.