Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms

Small camping trailers with bathrooms can transform your RVing experience, opening up a whole world of possibilities. To be honest, no one really likes to give up the comforts offered by a home bathroom, which is why camping trailers with bathrooms are the best option. 

These trailers feature two options. There is a small camper with a wet bathroom and a small camper with a dry bathroom. The dry bathroom is more of the typical bathroom, with a toilet, a sink and a separate shower or bathtub. The wet bathroom comes with all the elements combined into one to save space. The showers take up the entire bathroom while the toilet and the sink are within the same space.

Ideally, the phrase “wet bathroom” is used because everything inside it is meant to get wet. To prevent the toilet paper from getting wet, small campers with wet bathroom feature a locking lid on the toilet paper holder. However, there are tradeoffs. Consider that using the toilet after someone used the shower comes with the issue of the whole space being wet..

Are you in the market for a small camping trailer? In this post, we are going to look at some of the best small camping trailers with bathrooms.

1. The Jay sport by Jayco RV

For a mid-sized family, Jay sport is an ideal choice if you are looking for small camping trailers with bathrooms. 

Featuring a shower/toilet combo, the Jay Sport is spacious enough, and is suitable for up to eight people. The Jay sport features an option for bath/shower with curtain in place of a storage cabinet.

The Jay sport features a heavy-duty corrosion resistant A-Frame Norco construction. This ensures comfort and adds strength to your camper. For a shiny and appealing appearance, Jayco ensures a scratch-resistant embossed-aluminum on the exterior finish. Moreover, this small camper by Jayco comes with a domed and seamless fiberglass roof with mildew-resistant aluminum ceiling. 

On the interior, the small camper with bathroom features acrylic sink with faucet, while all models come with hinged gallery. For a free standing TV, the camper is built with an interior hook-up. 

Therefore, if you are looking for the small camping trailers with bathrooms, the Jay sport by Jayco delivers a great potential option.

Striking Features:

  • Shower/toilet Combo
  • Accommodates up to eight adults 
  • Aluminum exterior finish delivering a lightweight camper 
  • Scratch-resistant embossed aluminum 
  • Acrylic sink with faucet

2. The Airstream Sport

Airstream is one of the leading manufacturers of small travel trailers, and their Airstream Sport is enough proof that big adventures can come in small packages. It is a compact and lightweight camper featuring an on-board restroom. 

The Airstream Sport is built with dedicated sleeping space. It comes with a convertible dinette space, while the kitchen is equipped with all essential appliances. 

However, the bathroom is what will catch your attention. The Airstream camper features a spacious rear bath spanning the whole back of the trailer. The bathroom is also fitted with a wooden door and window. Inside the bathroom is a standalone shower with an included seat. The bathroom area features cabinet storage leaving plenty of space on the interior. 

If you love a small camper with an exterior bathroom, the Airstream Sport is an ideal choice. The 16RB floor plan features a pass-through built into the exterior wall, and it is designed such that you can slide the interior showerhead through using it to wash your camping gear before walking into the shower room. 

Another striking feature you will love with the Airstream Sport is the outdoor storage locker. This provides an additional storage area for your outdoor chairs, bags or even outdoor toys. The sleeping area features a memory foam mattress made to fit in the bedroom perfectly. 

The camper comes with a retractable awning allowing you to pull out the awning for a shady outdoor relaxing experience.

Some of the exciting features include:

  • Features a spacious rear bathroom available with the 2FB floor plan while the 16RB floor plans feature an exterior shower
  • Kitchen is fitted with a two-burner stove, a refrigerator, and microwave 
  • Features an outdoor storage locker 
  • Memory foam mattress included in the bedroom
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3. The iCamp Elite 

The iCamp Elite small is a 70 square foot camper that is manufactured by United Recreational Vehicles. Featuring a stylish design and unique manufacturing technique, the iCamp Elite is another perfect choice for those in search of small camping trailers with bathrooms. The camper features a spacey one-piece modular bathroom that comes with a shower and toilet. 

The entirely laminated camper features a solid body that is reinforced using aluminum tubing frames. It comes with a high gloss fiberglass skin laminated over the structural Styrofoam. On the interior, the camper features wallpaper, hence an easy to maintain 

Featuring an aerodynamic design and lightweight construction, the camper delivers fuel efficiency benefits. It comes with a light and bright interior. The camper is designed to deliver convenience while it comes fully equipped to ensure an easy travel experience.

Here is an overview of the features to expect with the camper. 

  • Comes with a modular bathroom including a shower and a toilet 
  • Built with a bright and light interior
  • Stylish low maintenance design and a unique manufacturing technique
  • Aerodynamic design

4. Casita Spirit Deluxe Trailer

Another small camping trailer with a bathroom is the Casita Spirit Deluxe Trailer. The camper features two models, the Deluxe model, and the standard model. 

The Deluxe model of the Casita Spirit Deluxe Trailer comes with a spacious bathroom and shower and accommodation for up to four sleeps. On the other side, the standard model accommodates up to six people but has no bathroom. 

If you love Casita Spirit Deluxe Trailer, then the deluxe model is a perfect choice if looking for a small camper trailer with bathrooms. The camper is easy to maneuver and features a lightweight construction making it an extremely fuel-efficient camper. 

The Casita Spirit Deluxe has a spacious seating area that is easily converted into comfortable sleeping accommodation for up to four adults. The large screened window on the rear lets allows panoramic views, creating an airy feeling.

Here is a summary of features to expect with the Casita Spirit Deluxe Trailer:

  • Comes with a spacious bath (shower and toilet combination)
  • Built using the all-fiberglass bottom plan and a heavy-duty steel frame for a solid structure
  • Features a lightweight fiberglass interior 
  • Aerodynamic design with lightweight materials

5. The Scamp 13’ Standard Front Room Trailer

Scamp is a Minnesota based manufacturer of travel trailers. The Scamp 13’ Standard Trailer is a convenient and easy to tow small camping trailer with a bathroom. The bathroom is completely fitted with a shower.

The Scamp 13’ Standard Trailer is a lightweight trailer and a perfect choice for an active couple. 

The small travel camper is a compact and affordable camper built with a front sofa that converts to the bunk beds and the rear dining area, converting to a double bed. This provides enough sleeping areas for up to four adults. 

The kitchen features two burners’ propane stoves, while it is fitted with wood panel interior cabinet doors. The camper comes with a propane tank with dedicated storage. It comes with the marine headliner wall fabric, while it is fitted with four-inch cushions.

Here is an overview of the Scamp 13’ Standard Trailer features:

  • Front bathroom complete with shower
  • Wood panel interior cabinet doors
  • Features two-burner propane stove
  • Dining is fitted with a table that converts to bed
  • Comes with a 12 volts water pump

Key Takeaway

Before purchasing a camper, you want to ensure you have a clear understanding of the features and amenities to look out for. For a majority of RVers, a bathroom is an important consideration. Therefore, if you are looking for small camping trailers with bathrooms, you now know the different brands on the market today.