RV Camping in Yellowstone

With its dramatic sceneries of spouting geysers, canyons, lush vegetation and plentiful wildlife, Yellowstone National Park has an impressive list of attractions for campers. Yellowstone spreads from Wyoming to Idaho and its dramatic location at the top of a volcanic hot spot draws camping enthusiasts from all states.

If you are an RV camper, Yellowstone has over 2000 campsites across its 12 campgrounds. All of these camping sites are open to RV campers. However, before you pack up your rig and set off, here is everything you need to know about RV camping in Yellowstone.

Campsites in Yellowstone

Yellowstone has a massive 2000 campsites spread over 12 campgrounds. Though RVs are welcome in all these sites, there are size restrictions.

If you like to plan your camping adventures in advance, five of the camping sites in Yellowstone accept reservations, allowing you to make a booking early in advance. The campsites that accept reservations are Madison, Bridge Bay, Canyon, Fishing Ridge RV, and Grant.

If on the other hand, you are a spur-of-the-moment kind of camper, the remaining seven campgrounds operate on a first-come-first-served basis, so you will not need a reservation to get a campsite.

Group campsites are available at three of the campgrounds at Yellowstone. These are Madison, Grant, and Bridge Bay campgrounds.

RV Size is Important When Camping in Yellowstone

While all campgrounds in Yellowstone are open to RVs, the size of your RV needs to be within the size stipulated or the campsites will not accommodate your RV.

When making your reservation for a campsite at Yellowstone, you will need to provide accurate details on the length of your RV. If your camper is the towable type, give the combined length of your vehicle and the towed vehicle. Providing this information when making your reservation will save you the trouble of driving all the way only to find out that your vehicle cannot be accommodated at Yellowstone.

Most campsites in Yellowstone can only accommodate RVs not exceeding 40 feet. If your RV is longer than that, reserve a campsite well in advance of your trip as the number of campsites that can accommodate RVs longer than 40 feet are limited.

Routes to Avoid When Driving Your RV to Yellowstone

RVs can be difficult to handle on narrow mountain roads and the last thing you need is hairpin turns and steep hills that make the journey more odious. Here are some of the routes you should steer clear of if you want a relatively comfortable ride to Yellowstone.

  • The Bighorn Mountains east of Cody, Wyoming
  • Beartooth Highway that links Red Lodge, Montana, to the park’s Northeast entrance

Popular Campsites for RV Camping in Yellowstone

1)  Fishing Bridge RV Park Campground

This campground is popular amongst RV campers as it is the only Yellowstone campground with full RV hookups. This campground is located along the Yellow River and can be accessed from Yellowstone’s East Entrance. A 50-mile drive from Cody, Wyoming will get you to this entrance.

This site also has a dump station and is one of the few campgrounds that can accommodate a 40-foot RV. This campground accepts reservations, allowing you to book your campsite in advance. Just be sure to provide the right dimensions of your RV when booking, to ensure you are provided the right campsite for your RV’s size.

Grizzly bears are fond of this campground and it is therefore not open for tent campers. For your safety, always keep your supplies and food items well stored since bears are very sensitive to smells. Grizzlies will be attracted by the smell of any food that has been left out or has not been disposed of properly.

2) Colter Bay Campground

This Yellowstone campground is relatively small so if you plan to go RV camping here, try and book in advance. It is a highly popular campground due to its spectacular views of the Tetons. Colter Bay also has full hook-ups for RVs.

Campsites at Colter Bay have 175 RV spots and can accommodate RVs up to 45 feet long. If you have a large rig, this may be one of your campground options for RV camping in Yellowstone. All campsites at Colter Bay come with picnic areas and fire rings.

Other amenities at this campground include flush toilets, showers and a launderette. RV camping at Colter Bay puts you close to a marina, a grocery store and restaurants. Colter Bay also has group sites for large groups.

3) West Yellowstone KOA Campground

For RV campers, KOA campgrounds offer a 10% discount for any Access RV rental. However, this is not the only thing going for this campground. West Yellowstone KOA Campground boasts a heated pool, a hot tub and other creature comforts such as mini-golf, Wi-Fi, laundry machines and open fire pits. This camp is ideal for those looking to camp out in style and even has its own convenience store where you can top up your camping supplies. For luxury RV camping in Yellowstone, this is one of the best campgrounds.

4) Atherton Creek Campground

This campground operates on a first-come-first-served basis so you will not need a reservation to get a campsite here. It is one of the best campgrounds for wildlife enthusiasts who want to enjoy the varied wildlife at Yellowstone.

Atherton Creek Campground is close to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This campground is ideal for campers who love fishing and those who want to enjoy boating activities.

5) Grant Village Campground

Grant Village Campground is situated a few miles from the West Thumb Geyser. For RV campers who want to enjoy the gushing geysers of Yellowstone, this is the best campground. The lodgepole pine forest at this campground enhances the peaceful atmosphere at this serene campground.

RV camping at Grant Village campground comes with access to many amenities and features that will make your camping experience comfortable. This campground operates on a first-come-first-served basis.


RV camping in Yellowstone is a great opportunity for adventure in the massive Yellowstone Park. With a range of campgrounds to choose from, you are sure to find a campsite for your unique needs at Yellowstone.