The Best Class C Motorhomes Under 30 Feet

While longer recreational vehicles have spacious floor plans and an impressive list of amenities, you may find it difficult to park, have to pay extra for a space, and possibly need a special license. For campers who do not want to deal with that, a class C motorhome under 30 feet may be just what they need. These campers provide flexibility by allowing you to explore areas without any real worries about finding a parking space. Do not forget that in some states, you may require a special driver’s license depending on the length of the RV.  [Interesting read: best replacement flooring rv]

There are different Class C motorhomes available on the market today. For a new buyer, choosing the right vehicle may be a little stressful,  so we have reviewed several models and have developed a list of highly-rated class C motorhomes under 30 feet.

1. Tiffin Wayfarer 24 BW

At the top of our list is the Tiffin Wayfarer 24 BW, which is a Class C diesel motorhome, measuring at a length of 25 feet and 7 inches. 

Despite its short length, the camper comes with a list of amenities ensuring comfort and convenience. The bathroom houses a shower separate from the toilet and a vanity with sink, delivering greater convenience and privacy compared to shorter size motorhomes.   

To ensure a clean and organized interior, there is plenty of storage room. For instance, the camper features a wide closet separated with doors on either side of the camper. So if you don’t want to share closet space, the unit allows for separate areas.

For more interior floor space, the camper features two slide outs within the living room or kitchen and the rear bedroom. The camper also includes a tri-fold sofa bed and a loft bed over the cab. The interior features state-of-the-art hardwood cabinetry with premium-grade linoleum. The kitchen comes with a convection microwave so that you can heat up leftovers or prepare meals.

The construction features the luxurious Mercedes-Benz chassis, so the motorhome is designed to deliver maximum comfort while ensuring safety. [Interesting read: best rv antenna]

Here is a list of measurements for the Wayfarer 24 BW

  • Length of 25 feet and 7 inches
  • Exterior width of 7 feet and 6 inches 
  • Exterior height of 11 feet and 4 inches 
  • Interior height of 6 Feet and 8 inches

Therefore, the Wayfarer 24 BW is a perfect pick if you are looking for a great class C motorhome under 30 Feet.

2. Winnebago Outlook 22E Class C Motorhome by General RV

As a manufacturer of some of the best RV brands, General RV provides a large selection of class C motorhomes, and the Winnebago Outlook 22E is one of the company’s best. 

Featuring a length of 24 feet and 2 inches, the camper provides space-saving benefits and will take you wherever you want to go. The Outlook 22E weighs 11,500 lbs and its freshwater tank has a capacity up to 37 gallons. 

The camper features the Ford E350 chassis type delivering comfort and safety on the road. The model comes with the Onan MicroQuiet generator to keep you powered throughout your trip. For privacy, the camper is fitted with tinted windows allowing you ctime indoors without worrying about people looking inside. The Winnebago Outlook 22E uses LED lighting that brightens up the interior for you to enjoy indoor fun. It also meets your comfort needs with double beds and a standard shower. [Interesting read: best rv surge protector ]

If you are in the market for a Class C motorhome under 30 feet, you will love the Winnebago.

Camper Van

3. 2020 Melbourne 24K Class C Motorhome

Built to handle any adventure, the 2020 Melbourne 24K by Jayco stands out with beautiful wood trimmings delivering a taste of class. 

This motorhome measures with an exterior length of 25 feet and 2 inches, an exterior width of 96 inches, and an interior height of 83 inches. It has a freshwater tank with a capacity of 43 gallons. The exterior storage is 43 cubic feet while the camper has a gross vehicle weight rating of 11030 pounds. It contains a 3.0L V6 BluTEC Diesel engine for your travels.  It is built with a 14-inch electric patio awning with an LED light strip for hanging outside in the evenings. 

The 2020 Melbourne 24 K features a well-appointed dinette and a sizable bathroom.  It also contains a 60-inch by 70-inch queen bed.  The kitchen is equipped with residential-style appliances, including a microwave. The unit features a soft-touch vinyl ceiling and woven vinyl flooring along with ultra-leather fabrics and custom curved cabinetry. For a perfect view, the camper features an automotive bonded panoramic windshield in the front cap. This ensures increased durability and protection. 

Here are even more features in this motorhome:

  • One-piece seamless fiberglass front cap
  • 750 lbs overhead bunk capacity
  • Integrated electric step maximizing the ground clearance and floor space
  • Full pass-through storage for easy packing and unpacking

4. Sunseeker TS 2370 Class C Motorhome by Forest River 

The Sunseeker TS 2370 Class C Motorhome features an exterior length of 26 feet and one inch. The camper has a width of 87 inches and a freshwater tank with a capacity of 35 gallons.

The exterior features aluminum laminated sidewalls with block foam insulation and a fiberglass roof.  

Inside the bathroom, you will find a lightweight composite toilet, while there is a towel bar installed, providing convenience. The bathroom includes a showerhead with a flexible extension along with a shower skylight. For your convenience and comfort, the unit features an electric roof fan and a motion sensor light. Inside the bedroom is an upgraded memory foam mattress with a 12V TV installed. [Interesting read: best rv grill ]

5. Freelander Motorhome Class C Motorhome 26DS

Featuring an exterior length of 27 feet and 5 inches, the Freelander 26DS is one of the best class C motorhomes under 30 feet available on the market today. The camper features a gross vehicle weight rating of 14,500 lbs with a 50 gallon freshwater tank. It is well-constructed with a 4500 Chevy/450 Ford chassis and 2 inch sidewall construction while it features cross-flex reinforced PVC roofing material. 

The Freelander 26DS is designed for those who want to enjoy the outdoors while camping. The camper features an optional outdoor kitchen table, providing an opportunity to enjoy your meals outside.  It also has a full-length patio awning with an LED patio light bar. Therefore, your outdoor experience should be more comfortable with these amenities.

To ensure comfort, the camper comes with large overhead cabs fitted with beds. There is also an oversized dinette for convenience when you have guests. Featuring superior construction, the Freelander 26DS is truly a comfortable camper. [Interesting read: best rv covers]


The best Class C motorhomes under 30 feet feature greater convenience when it comes to packing your RV. The campers are favorite for mid-size families and feature improved amenities.