Dodge Caravan Interior Dimensions With Seats Folded Down

When it comes to minivans, the spacious passenger and cargo space are huge selling points. Minivans are functional yet comfortable, and the Dodge Caravan is one of the most popular minivan brands. With its well-appointed interior and yards of cargo space, the Dodge Caravan has stood the test of time and remains as popular now as it was when it was launched.

The Dodge Caravan interior dimensions with seats folded down is an important consideration for those interested in buying this caravan. If you want to find out just how much space you get with the Dodge Caravan, let us have a look at the interior of this minivan. [Interesting read: best led replacement bulbs rv 921]

The Dodge Caravan interior dimensions are as follows

  • When the second and third-row of seats are up the do31.1 cubic feet of space
  • When the third row of seats folds down, the cargo space increases to 78.9 cubic feet.
  • Folding down the second and third rows provides a maximum cargo space of 140.3 cubic feet.
  • Second and third-row seats up: 31.1 cubic feet
  • Third row down: 78.9 cubic feet
  • Second and third rows down: 140.3 cubic feet

The most distinctive feature of the Dodge Caravan minivan is the stow and go seats that fold into the flow. Once the seats are folded, then the cargo space increases significantly. The interior dimensions of the Dodge Caravan with the seats folded down are as follows

  • Length 7.5 feet (90 inches)
  • Height 4.5 feet tall (54 inches)
  • Width 5.3 feet wide (63.6) inches

The Stow ‘N Go Seats of the Dodge Caravan

This stand out feature of the Dodge Caravan puts it way ahead of the competition in terms of versatility and interior space. The stow and go seats made their debut in the Dodge Caravan in 2004. [Interesting read: best rv battery dry camping]

This remarkable stow n go feature of the Dodge Caravan provides cargo space in two main ways. When the seats are folded down, then the interior dimensions increase significantly and can hold more cargo. When the seats are up, the space into which they fold is free to be used as a storage space for cargo.

Can You Sleep In A Dodge Caravan

Yes, there is ample room when the seats of the Dodge Caravan are folded down to create a sleeping space. When you fold down the second and third-row seats, you get a spacious flat area that can serve as a sleeping area. It is not uncommon to find campers or people on long trips bedding down in their Dodge Caravans. If you want to sleep in your Dodge Caravan, space will not be an issue. Just make sure you are legally parked and in a safe spot.

Can You Fit A Full-Size Mattress In A Dodge Caravan

The Dodge Caravan is approximately 63 inches by 90 inches, so fitting a full-sized double mattress, which is typically 53 inches wide and 75 inches long, should not be a problem. A twin mattress will fit even better with room to spare, so that may be a better option for your Dodge Caravan. [Interesting read: best solar panels for rv]

The Dodge Caravan Other Interior Features

The Dodge Caravan is a great family vehicle that has enough seating for up to seven people. The seats are typically upholstered in cloth, but there are options for leather upholstery. The front seats are heated and power adjustable. You also get an option for the Dodge Caravan to come with a heated steering wheel. [Interesting read: best rv propane regulator]

The interior of the Dodge Caravan is quite spacious and boasts ample legroom and headroom in all the three rows of this minivan.

The standard features include:

  • tri-zone manual climate control
  • remote keyless entry
  • a six-speaker stereo
  • 6.5-inch touch screen.
  • navigation system
  • satellite radio
  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • USB input
  • voice controls
  • tri-zone automatic climate control
  • a rearview camera and rear parking sensors
  • Stow ’n Go seats

Dodge Caravan Pros

  1. Using the Stow ‘n Go system to create more cargo space is a breeze. The seats fold down at the press of a button eliminating the need to remove them manually.
  2. The Dodge Caravan is a reliable minivan with all the standard features required. Yet, it is very affordable and makes a great family minivan for people on a budget who want a car big enough to carry seven.
  3. The rear-seat DVD entertainment system will keep rear-seat passengers entertained, especially on those long road trips. This is great, especially if you have children who tend to get restless on long drives.
  4. This minivan may be affordable, but this does not mean that they have skimped on comfort. All the seats in the Dodge Caravan are plush and well-padded for comfortable seating, even on long drives.  
  5. The Dodge Caravan offers a smooth and quiet ride. This is because the interior of the cabin is well-insulated from the engine, the road, and the external disturbance.
  6. The Dodge Caravan is a user-friendly minivan with easily accessible controls for ease of handling and smooth drive experience.
  7. The Dodge Caravan comes with great visibility. The front windshield is huge with trim roof columns, which enhances the forward visibility of the Dodge Caravan. The side windows are also quite wide.
  8. The ample cargo and seating space make this one of the best minivans for people who consider cargo space a priority.

Dodge Caravan Cons

  1. If you are looking for speed and fast acceleration, you will not find it in the Dodge Caravan. It has a sluggish acceleration that does not measure up to competitors in the same category of minivans.
  2. While the Dodge Caravan is functional, you will not find state of the art technology that is common in many models in the market nowadays. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not available. Bluetooth connectivity is available as an optional feature.


The Dodge Caravan interior dimensions with seats folded are impressive 7.5 feet by 4.5 feet by 5.3 feet. This means that you have enough cargo space and the convenience of turning your car into a mini-camper if you need to. The Dodge Caravan, with its stow n, go seats, makes the process of creating more interior space so easy that you do not need to move the seats manually. [Interesting read: best electric heater rv]

While this caravan may not be the most luxurious minivan in the market, its comfort and utility remain a great selling point for people looking for functionality over luxury. With a shrinking minivan market that is being steadily overshadowed by SUVs, the Dodge Caravan has managed to create a niche for itself as a budget minivan, and with its impressive interior space, it is not hard to see why.