Dumping Black Water Tank at Home

Dumping a black water tank at home is a convenient option for handling the wastewater after an RVing weekend. 

The black water tank allows you to use the RV toilet, avoiding the often-overcrowded campground washrooms. When it comes to dumping the black water tank there are some different options. If you are concerned about dumping the black water tank at home, here we feature other alternative ways to dump the black water tank.

At the RV Parks and Campgrounds

Some RVing Campsites provide the RVers a place to dump the black water tank. This is much more convenient, especially for RVs with a smaller black water tank. In some cases, the service is available at a fee, while other RV parks include this in their park entry fees. Therefore, check if the RV campsite provides a place to dump the black water tank and if you are required to pay for the service.

At Gas Stations or Truck-Stops

Various truck stops and gas stations feature black water dump sites available to RVers. This is an easy pit stop and provides more convenience. Check out whether your next refill station provides a black water tank-dumping facility.

Dump the Black Water Tank at the RV Dealership Center

RV dealerships rent their rigs at an affordable fee. The RVers can stopover at the next dealership center and request to access the black water tank dumping facility. Often, this option is available if you are looking for an emergency stopover where you can dump the black water tank.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Is there a wastewater treatment center near you? Several wastewater treatment centers provide RVers access to their sewage disposal facilities. You can dispose of the black water tank contents at these facilities. However, before taking a turn to the wastewater treatment facilities, call ahead to find out whether they are providing the sewage disposal service.

Selected Provincial and National Campsites

Not all public campsites provide dump stations. Even those that provide the service, it is at a fee. Therefore, it is advisable to call ahead and confirm before heading to the parks.

Dump Black Water Tank at the Residential Septic

You can dump a black water tank at home, which is convenient and comes at no fee. However, this is only if your RV has a sizable black water tank.

Is it legal Dumping the Black Water Tank into a Residential Sewer System?

Dumping the black water tank into an approved sewer system is acceptable. However, before you go dumping black water tank at home or into a residential sewer system, check if the local ordinances and restrictions permit. In most cases, dumping into an actual municipality sewer line should not be problematic. This is because the black and gray water from the RV is similar to the wastewater that comes from your home. 

How to Dump the RV Black Water Tank at Home 

You may go away for a weekend camping and have no hookups. The only option would be to dump the black water tank at your home. So, how do you dump the black water tank at home?

There are different approaches to dumping the black water tank at home. Some will require the use of specialized tools, while for the other; you may use locally available items to dump the black water tank at home. 

Check out the following different approaches to dump black water at home.

1. Dump the Black Water Tank into the Cleanout Pipe

Are you connected to a private or public sewage disposal unit? Often referred to as the residential sanitary sewer line, it usually has a cleanout that is accessible to the users. 

Therefore, just run the sewer hose from the RV to the sewer line cleanout and dump your black water tank conveniently. 

2. The Bucket Method

If you have minimal waste in your RV black water tank, you could use the bucket method conveniently. It is a simple approach, saving you the cost of using a paid black water dumping facility. All you need is a sizable bucket, and ensure you carefully release the RV black water tank into the bucket. Pour out the wastewater into the toilet and then flush. After dumping the black water tank, clean the bucket out.

3. The Macerator Method to dump RV Black Water at Home

This involves grinding the contents of the black water tank using a macerator. The ground waste is then converted into sludge, and funneled into the toilet. 

If you prefer this approach, you will have to purchase some special equipment. The equipment required includes:

  • AN RV waste Macerator Pump
  • The hose Adapter
  • A CDFJ Adapter¬†
  • A Garden hose to be used for funneling the sludge into your toilet or septic

Although this is a challenging approach, it is a good way to dump the black water tank at home, if you do not have access to a septic system.

How Often Should I Dump the Black Water Tank?

Well, this depends on how busy the RV toilet is. If traveling alone, the RV toilet is not used often, and so you may last up to a week or so without dumping the black water tank. If RVing in a group, there is high traffic to the RV toilet so the need to dump the RV black water tank might be after a day or two. 

The self-contained RVs feature a black water tank sensor that indicates how full the RV black water tank is. If you are using the full-size RV, check the black water level indicator to determine when to empty the black water tank. 

The small popup campers may not come with the black water tank sensor, so it is often up to the traveler to check the RV black water tank levels to make sure to empty it as needed. 

Where possible, it is always best that you dump the black water tank after the camping trip. No one wants to store the wastewater in the RV. Make use of the next available black water tank dumping facility to avoid keeping old wastewater in your RV.. 

After you have dumped the black water tank, you may consider cleaning it. Of course, no one wants to use a stinking RV toilet. If the RV black water tank is not cleaned, there is a risk of diseases and infections. 

So, how do you clean the black water tank?

Some full-size RVs feature a built-in black water tank flushing system. If your RV contains this feature, use it for cleaning the black water tank. For the campers that do not come with the black water flushing feature, you need to purchase the flush valve or the tank-cleaning wand. Upon securing these items, it is then time to rinse and flush the black water tank and ensure the sucker is cleaned.

Why Should I Clean the Black Water Tank?

There are different reasons to consider cleaning the black water tank. Here is an overview of some of the reasons to consider cleaning the black water tank often.

  • To extend the lifespan of the RV waste system
  • Get rid of odor in your RV
  • Prevent the risk of infections

In the same way you need to empty the septic tank at home, it is imperative that you dump the RV black water tank. How often to dump the black water tank and clean it, depends on how often you flush the RV toilet. 

After dumping the RV black water tank, make sure you have cleaned it. This helps prevent the spread of infections while getting rid of the bad odor that comes from holding dirty water that contains human waste.