Front Living Room Fifth Wheel

Front living room fifth wheels provide a spacious and brighter feel. As the leading RV manufacturers continue to work toward more innovative solutions, customers can look forward to better floor plans. 

The front living room fifth wheel comes with an additional headspace throughout the RV. This makes RVs designed with the front living room a great choice for group RVing expeditions. 

Are you in the market for a front living room fifth wheel? To help you find a great choice, we will look through different options available today. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Sierra 379FLOK by Forest River

Forest River is a leading Fifth wheel manufacturer, delivering a wide range of floor plans. The Sierra 379FLOK features a front living room layout. It also boasts a unique front windshield that allows natural light into the travel trailer. 

The front living room fifth wheel by Forest River comes with a powerful entertainment system. A 50” flat-screen TV is installed in the front living room and can be easily raised. 

The main deck features ample headroom and a master bedroom containing a full bathroom. Fitted with a slide-out kitchen, the Sierra 379FLOK allows you to keep enjoying the outdoor experience. With the perfect kitchen floor plan, the Sierra 379FLOK does not leave anything to the imagination. 

To ensure homelike comfort, the Sierra 379FLOK comes with perfect residential styling. The front living room fifth wheel comes with a Sierra signature package that includes all stainless steel appliances. It is fitted with a porcelain foot flush toilet that is easy to use and easy to clean. 

Here is a quick overview of the features available with the Sierra 379FLOK:

  • Comes with enclosed and heated dump valves 
  • Features LED lighting throughout
  • Decorative backsplash 
  • Features the soft close full extension drawer glides
  • Fitted with hidden hinged cabinet doors with a soft close full extension drawer glides

The Sierra 379FLOK comes with solid construction featuring the best materials to ensure the longevity of the travel trailer.

2. The Brookstone 344FL

Manufactured by Coachmen, the Brookstone 344FL is another great front living room fifth wheel available in the market today. It has been crafted to deliver a truly luxurious RVing experience. The front living room has an open feel, featuring a modern entertainment center. 

The Brookstone 344FL comes with a TV swing arm bracket, and is fitted with a Brazilian walnut stained solid hardwood slide fascia. To ensure a residential-style living room, the fifth wheel camper features a decorative and modern window box. For additional comfort, the fifth wheel features a ceiling fan with energy-efficient LED interior lighting throughout. 

The Brookstone 344FL comes with a full-size residential shower. The shower is fitted with sliding glass doors and seats. It has a heat duct as well as A/C venting. The fifth wheel camper features a luxurious bedroom with a king-size bed. The spacious bedroom allows you to easily access your items while being able to navigate without hassle.

Here is an overview of the Brookstone 344FL features:

  • Comes with a quad solid step entry 
  • Fitted with extra-large free-standing tables and chairs 
  • A chef’s dream kitchen fitted with stainless steel appliances 

The Brookstone 344FL is a high profile, wide-bodied, luxurious fifth wheel with a front living room. The travel trailer is designed to provide four-season comfort.

3. North Point 381FLWS by Jayco

The North Point 381FLWS is another good choice if you are searching for a front living room fifth wheel designed to cater to your needs. This spacious and elegant fifth wheel offers a wide array of luxurious features. 

For starters, this front living room fifth wheel features two large size tri-fold sofas. The camper comes with freestanding tables and 2 dinette chairs. Fitted with a seamless composite roof covering, this gem also features a modern entertainment system. 

The North Point 381FLWS comes with the  Climate Shield feature for ultimate weather protection for all seasons. The Climate Shield ensures adequate protection against extreme summer heat as well as  freezing winter temperatures. This camper is designed to deliver efficient heating and cooling.

The  front living room fifth wheel by Jayco features solid construction, using industry-standard materials to deliver a high-quality drive. To ensure peace of mind, the North Point 381FLWS features durable parts and components while the manufacturer has promised top quality construction. 

Here is an overview of the features you find on the North Point 381FLWS by Jayco.

  • Front living room 
  • An aerodynamic front cap with LED lighting 
  • Features a seamless composite roof covering
  • Built with Climate Shield technology
  • Enclosed and protected slide out mechanisms

4. Landmark 365 Lafayette

Manufactured by Heartland, the Landmark 365 Lafayette is a front living room fifth wheel that comes with an aerodynamic front cap. This travel trailer features a motorized bed lift mechanism enabling you to find your comfort zone. It also features sofa tables with USB ports for convenient charging. 

For a luxurious RVing experience, the Landmark 365 Lafayette features walk-in closets. The fifth wheel features a frameless dual pane window, which is constructed of high gloss fiberglass. The bed area features an adjustable bedroom reading light, while the travel trailer comes ready fitted with a king-size mattress. This lovely ride also comes with a bedroom TV, providing for your entertainment needs. 

Here is an overview of the features:

  • Comes with motorized bed lifting mechanism
  • Features 45,000 RTU cooling power
  • Built with walk-in closets 
  • Sofa tables with USB ports 
  • LED lighting 
  • Ceiling fan with wooden shroud

The Landmark 365 Lafayette is a big and spacious fifth wheel designed to deliver a luxurious experience. This fifth wheel features a comfortable design, and is a perfect choice for family camping.

Key Takeaway

Front living room fifth wheels deliver an excellent experience. They feature innovative floor plans, adding a touch of class. Are you in the market for a modern front living room fifth wheel? Check out the options shared in this article.