How to Refill Freshwater Tank while Camping

The freshwater tank in your RV supplies water to the shower, kitchen sink, and it is the same water that you drink. With continuous water usage, the tank will soon run dry, and you will need to refill it.  So, how do you hook up freshwater tanks when camping? 

In this post, you will learn how to refill the fresh water tank during camping, including different options you have and outlining some important tips.

Refilling the RV Freshwater Tank from the Faucet

Some RV parks provide access to the freshwater hook up for a fee. This involves simply connecting the freshwater hose to the water hook up point and turning on the water supply. Let the water flow in until the tank is full. However, note that the time that it takes to refill the fresh water tank will depend on the water supply pressure. 

If the pressure is low, you need a freshwater pump to ensure a faster time to refill the tank. If you are using a generator to power the water pump, a 12 volt freshwater pump should be appropriate.

Refilling the RV Freshwater Tank from a Reservoir 

If you do not have access to the water hook up point, you have the option of refilling the fresh water tank from a reservoir tank; the water reservoir comes in handy when you are dry camping for an extended period. 

In some instances, you may have a water reservoir built into your RV. Therefore, if the freshwater reservoir is your only backup, consider using a freshwater pump to help you refill the tank. 

For this method to work you will need:

  • An internal water reservoir filled with fresh water. 
  • Two freshwater hoses that connect to your RV
  • A 12 volt water pump 
  • A power source, either a generator to power the water pump or connect the pump to RV battery using alligator clips

The method is simple:

  1. Connect the fresh water hose to the water pump inlet, with one end of the freshwater hose immersed into the water reservoir
  2. Ensure fresh water hose connects from the water pump to the RV fresh water tank 
  3. Switch on the freshwater pump to fill the tank.

The time it will take to have the fresh water tank filled up depends on the water pump capacity.

Freshwater Refill from the City Water Hook up Point 

The RV freshwater tank can easily be filled from the city water hook up. However, you need to make use of a good quality RV water filter.  The approach is simple, but you need to make sure the RV water filter is connected to the freshwater tank inlet. 

A good quality freshwater filter should help to filter out the bad tastes and sediment coming from the city water. Some RVs feature separate filters on the kitchen and sometimes the bathroom sinks. To ensure proper filtration, make sure the filter cartridges are changed every six months.

Tips and Tricks

Make use of the right connections

When you are refilling the fresh water tank, be sure to use the right hose. You should keep one hose that is dedicated entirely to the freshwater system. Therefore, this hose should not be used for cleaning the fresh water tank or for any other undertaking.

To ensure you do not mix-up the hose, label each hose clearly.

Read the freshwater tank levels

Locate the freshwater tank level indicators, and ensure you do not fill the water beyond the indicated levels. Note that the labels may fade over time. You may want to re-mark the freshwater tank appropriately to avoid filling water beyond the recommended levels.

Ensure water conservation measures to avoid the need to refill the freshwater tank regularly

When dry camping, you need to know that you have a limited water supply. In the case of group camping expeditions, let everyone know you have limited access to fresh water.  Make sure the water taps are turned off when you are not using the water. Whenever you find a chance to refill the fresh water tank, just do it.