Retro Camper

The perfect blend of vintage looks and modern features is what makes the retro camper a popular choice for camping enthusiasts. If you love the charm of vintage campers but still want to travel in comfort and style, a retro camper will give you both. However, before you set off and buy that retro camper,  there are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Consider your specific camping needs

An attractive retro camper is one thing, but does it suit your camping and traveling needs?  Is it big enough for your family if you plan on using it for vacations? Does it have all the features you need to camp in comfort? Will you be using it occasionally or frequently? [Interesting Read: Best short queen rv mattress]

All these questions will help point you in the right direction in terms of what to look for in the camper you want to purchase. After all, you do not want to end up with a camper that is incompatible with your traveling style.

From large, luxurious Class A’s to small sleeper vans, there are plenty of options to choose from. It is important to remember that the type of retro camper you choose will have a major impact on the quality of your vacation. [Interesting Read: Best RV Refridgerator]

2. Used vs new retro camper

When looking for a retro camper, you will most likely come across vintage models for resale. So, what are the pros and cons of buying a used vintage camper and restoring it? Here are some of the items to look out for if you choose to buy a used camper instead of a new one.

  • Beware of water damage: many vintage campers have water damage that unfortunately goes unnoticed until it is too late. Inspect the unit carefully and look for ripples on the interior walls of the camper, floor leaks, and water stains.
  • Consider the cost of restoration: some vintage campers are resold fully restored while others will require a great deal of DIY to restore them to a functional state. If you are not good at restoration, stay away from vintage campers that require a lot of work as it may end up costing you more than you bargained for.
  • It’s important to assess how much time, money and energy you want to spend on fixing a vintage camper. While some enjoy renovation because it allows them to customize their retro camper, others will find that the effort and time required to do so is too much for them.

3. Know your towing capacity

Towable retro campers are available in different weights, lengths, and sizes. Discover the towing capacity required for the camper before you purchase to ensure that your car can actually tow it.

4. Consider renting a retro camper before buying

If you are a newbie to campers, you may want to consider renting a retro camper before buying one. This will help determine if you are comfortable with the size, features and general operation of the retro camper. Renting before you buy will help you make an informed choice because you’ll  experience, first hand, the pros and cons of the retro camper.

Retro Camper Models Worth Checking Out

Riverside White Water Retro Camper

This model keeps the vintage look of older model campers yet has all the modern features and amenities you need to camp in style.

What we love about this model:

  • Compact and lightweight: The Riverside White Water retro camper is just under 2,000 pounds, making it easy to tow and maneuver.
  • Unique design: This retro camper has a 1950’s look, both inside and out. From the vintage booths and bedding to the black and white diner-style floor, this camper will definitely satisfy travelers who love a nostalgic feel in their vehicle.
  • Modern amenities: Just because it looks like it came straight out of the ’50’s doesn’t mean you will have to give up your creature comforts. The Riverside White Water camper is well equipped with heating, air conditioning, a full kitchen, and a complete bathroom, meaning you get to travel and camp in comfort.

Shasta Airflyte

Shasta is probably one of the most popular vintage camper brands and their replica of the iconic 1961 Shasta Airflyte 16SC Travel Trailer, complete with the signature Shasta wings, is definitely one of the best retro campers available.

Things we love about this model:

  • The Airflyte retro camper comes with a vintage interior reminiscent of the 60’s model but with modern features. 
  • The Airflyte is just over 2,400 pounds, making it compact and easy to tow. The new design has also added more capacity by including a bunk bed option as well as the full bed/dinette feature. This means you can fit more people in this RV than in the original model.

The Winnebago Brave

For those who want the space and capacity of a class A motorhome, the Winnebago Brave retro camper is one to consider. This combination of retro and classic comes with a vintage exterior and a modern interior to give you the best of both worlds.

What we love about the Winnebago Brave retro campo

  • The cool factor: The interior of Winnebago is simply stylish. It is full of modern features that will leave you feeling right at home. From a TV that rises out of the counter, powered roof vents, exterior speakers and a king-sized bed, there is no end to the cool features that come with this retro camper. If you want to travel in style, then this vehicle has got you covered.
  • Full-time travel:This RV is a great option for people who travel often and will live in it full-time. You have plenty of space to feel at home, yet it is still possible to navigate comfortably, even on narrow roads.

Dub Box

Reminiscent of the VW bus, the vintage appeal of the Dub Box makes it a retro camper worth checking out. This model is made completely of fiberglass and is thus one of the most lightweight and easy to tow retro campers you can get.

What we love about the Dub Box:

  • The design: This retro camper ranks high in terms of vintage appeal and will definitely stand out. The fact that it can be finished in your color of choice to match your car or the camper’s interior décor means that you can customize the look of this van to match your taste. [Interesting Read: Best Rv Leveling Blocks]
  • Beautiful form and functionality: The interior of the Dub Box is carefully crafted to deliver functionality and comfort. With premium quality fixtures and fittings, you can enjoy camping in comfort with all the modern amenities.
  • The lifting roof: One of the unique features of the Dub Box is the lifting roof which helps  create more room in the camper. This space can also serve as an additional sleeping area and is definitely one of the clever features in this retro camper.

Happier Camper HC1

If you love the vintage look of the traditional egg campers, then you will love the Happier Camper HC1. This lightweight camper weighs a compact 1,100 pounds, meaning you will not have to worry about maneuvering it.

What we love about this camper

  • The modular system: Beneath the small exterior is a modular system that will allow campers to swap out furniture components and set up different living spaces, ranging from a bedroom that can sleep five to a kitchen in a few minutes.
  • Lightweight enough for small cars: If you have a small car and you are looking for a retro camper that it can tow, the Happier Camper HC1 is worth checking out. At just 1,100 pounds, this camper is easy to tow using a small car and is convenient for those who need an ultra-lightweight camper. [Interesting Read: Best RV toilet paper.


A mix of the old and the new is what makes retro campers appealing to most RV enthusiasts. Vintage designs are charming and evoke nostalgia, so by combining this charm with modern functionality, retro campers offer a camping experience that appeals to both the old and new generation.

Whether you choose to buy a new camper or restore a used vintage camper, always ensure that the retro camper you purchase suits your traveling needs and budget. The many options in style, design and size mean that there is a camper to suit all your preferences and lifestyle.