RV Battery Monitor

The RV battery monitor is an important accessory and a must-have if you plan to set out for boondocking or road trips.  

With a simple-to-use RV battery monitor, you can easily measure the status of your battery. Advanced RV battery monitors are also available,  informing you of the amount of energy flowing in and out of the batteries at each specific time. 

When buying an RV battery monitor device, it is important to research and determine the following:

  • The amount of energy going in or out of your battery at any given point
  • Percentage of total battery capacity available
  • The time left before the RV battery is drained or fully charged

As you can see, these are important parameters especially while boondocking. If you do not have an RV battery monitor, we recommend getting one immediately. 

Tip: You can buy an RV battery monitor online.

RV battery monitoring systems have evolved and found the best one for your requirements can be overwhelming. 

In this post, we review different battery monitoring systems available online. 

  1. Bayite DC 6.5-100V 0-100A Energy Meter

If you are in the market for a reputable RV battery monitor, you will most likely come across Bayite DC 6.5-100V 0-100A Energy Meter. The Bayite Energy Meter features an LCD display through which you can find different readings indicating the battery status.  

As one of the most popular picks for RVers, the Bayite DC 6.5-100V 0-100A Energy Meter comes with an overload alarm function. The overload alarm function tells you when the battery is overcharged, a risk that could affect the lifetime of your battery. If the active power is larger than the set threshold, the backlight on the battery monitor will begin to flash. 

The Bayite DC 6.5-100V 0-100A Energy Meter also features a data storage feature, allowing you to access historical data. This makes the Bayite DC 6.5-100V 0-100A Energy Meter a more convenient option. 

Here is a quick overview of the features that come with your Bayite DC 6.5-100V 0-100A Energy Meter:

  • An easy-to-use  LCD display screen
  • An overload alarm function that warns you of potential battery overload
  • 100A current shunt
  • The ability to store energy date when shut off

However, it is important to note that the Bayite DC 6.5-100V 0-100A Energy Meter may not last long compared to other models. 

  1. BMV-712 Smart by Victron Energy

Victron Energy is a leading manufacturer of RV battery monitors. The BMV-712 Smart is a top choice and one of the easiest to install RV battery monitors. 

Featuring a built-in Bluetooth functionality, the BMV-712 Smart delivers an easy to use experience. The device can connect wirelessly, enhancing performance. By connecting the BMV-712 Smart to other devices, you can easily customize the settings, monitor important data on a single screen, and even access the historical data.  

The BMV-712 Smart also comes with the Bi-stable alarm relay, which prevents an increased current draw in case of an alarm. It comes with the Quick Connect PCB on a standard 500A/50mV shunt that can be mounted on different shunts. 

Here is an overview of the features to expect with the BMV-712 Smart:

  • The ability to monitor battery voltage 
  • Users can connect wirelessly to read the current battery power
  • A programmable visual and audible alarm
  • Shunt selection capability for up to 10.000 Amps
  • Features the V.E Direct Communication port  

The BMV-712 Smart is by far the best RV battery monitor available in the market today. The RV battery monitor can last long if used and stored under favorable conditions.

  1. The AiLi Battery Monitor

Are you looking for an affordable and efficient RV battery monitor? Check out the AiLi Battery Monitor, available online today. 

The AiLi Battery Monitor is a multifunctional device, working as an ammeter, voltmeter and a current meter. This multifunctional battery monitor features the ability to track the status of your RV battery, indicating various metrics that you need to follow regarding your battery. 

Apart from serving as the best RV battery meter, the AiLi Battery Monitor can be used on boats, cars and even caravans. In other words, the AiLi Battery Monitor is a good deal for use on different automobiles, delivering greater value for the money spent. 

In the same way your RV fuel gauge works, the AiLi Battery Monitor will monitor the status of your RV battery ensuring an easy to use experience. The AiLi Battery Monitor is rated as an efficient battery monitor, delivering performance. 

  1. The Mictuning LCD Display Digital Voltage Multimeter 

Are you looking for a 4-in-1 RV battery monitor with an ability to measure the voltage, current, power, and the energy level of your RV battery? The Mictuning LCD Display Digital Voltage Multimeter is a perfect choice.

This battery monitor comes with a voltage alarm, an energy value reset, historic data storage, backlight control, and a measuring range option. 

Featuring the unique voltage alarm function, the mictuning LCD display digital voltage multimeter comes with a backlight that flashes the voltage value whenever the voltage is beyond the alarm threshold. The mictuning LCD display digital voltage multimeter also includes a data storage design that allows the user to store testing data, even if the device is turned off. 

Therefore, the mictuning LCD display digital voltage multimeter is a perfect choice, delivering multiple uses as you would wish for in an RV battery monitor. 

Here is a summary of the features to expect with your mictuning LCD display digital voltage multimeter. 

  • A unique voltage alarm function 
  • A data storage design that can store information from the last reading
  • Built with an extra-large digital display 
  • Has the bonus current shunt suitable for the large range measurement

Key Takeaway

Ensuring that you track the voltage of your RV battery is the most important thing you can do. By measuring the RV battery voltage, you can ensure longer battery life. Therefore, buy an RV battery monitor today for the ability to

  • Monitor the estimated battery capacity
  • Prevent an over-discharge
  • Know when the batteries are charging
  • Recognize whenever something is wrong

When buying an RV battery monitor, pay keen attention to the quality. You can also consult a qualified and experienced professional to be sure you make the right pick.