RV Roadside Assistance

RV roadside assistance provides a peace of mind knowing you have support in case of a roadside emergency.  With numerous roadside assistance companies available, it might be overwhelming figuring out the company from which to purchase a plan. It is important to choose a company that provides the services you want and that you think you may need. The following article will look at why a roadside assistance plan is needed and what you should consider when purchasing one.

Why Do You Need RV Roadside Assistance?

You never know when the next breakdown will occur.

A roadside emergency is not only because of an accident. It could be a flat tire or other mechanical issues. Therefore, it is imperative to hire an RV roadside assistance company just in case of breakdown.

To ensure peace of mind while on the road

For RVers, nothing could inconvenience you like a breakdown in the middle of your trip. Knowing that you have a reliable RV roadside assistance company comes with peace of mind. Moreover, it sounds better when you are assured the company provides unlimited coverage.

RV roadside assistance saves you money

A good RV roadside assistance plan will save you from the high cost of towing your camper to the next service center. This is because the provider comes fully equipped and ready to help you. In some instances, you get a courtesy RV to ensure you reach your destination.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Plan

1. What Size is your RV?

The size of your rig goes a long way in determining the most suitable RV roadside assistance plan.  The appropriate coverage for your RV should suit the size of the vehicle.

2. Geographical Limit

Be sure that the plan will cover all 50 states. RVing could take you anywhere, and choosing a roadside assistance plan that limits you in terms of geographical coverage is not going to favor you. There is nothing worse than calling a company only to be told that they do not cover the state where you are. In that regard, confirm the coverage area before you enter an agreement with the particular insurer.

3. Service Call Limits

Some RV roadside assistance programs impose limits on the number of service calls allowed in a given year. Make sure you choose a program that does not limit you in terms of calls, especially if it is a commercial RV as they are on the road much more than other travel trailers.

4. The Towing Distance Limits

What is the towing distance limit applied to the RV roadside assistance plan to which you are subscribing? Just like service calls, you will find that some plans will limit you in terms of towing distance, covering only a certain number of kilometers.  Therefore, if your RV provides commercial services, consider an RV roadside assistance plan that provides unlimited towing distance.

5. Comprehensive Coverage

RVers will experience different challenges on the road. Some of the issues include fuel delivery, locksmith services, battery charging, flat tires, and other mechanical issues. Therefore, choose an RV roadside assistance program that provides all of these  services because you do not know the kind of challenges to expect.

6. Expected Turnaround Time

RV roadside assistance plans usually feature guaranteed response time. Some provide a 24-hour response time, while for others it could be less. Choose the RV roadside assistance plan that suits you in terms of response time.

7. Read Online Reviews

Online reviews can form a good reference when it comes to choosing appropriate service providers. Certain companies receive positive reviews because the service provided suits what the customers expected, while others receive negative reviews because of the poor quality of service. The objective is to choose a company that provides the best services in terms of quality.

8. Cost of Service

You also want to look at how much it will cost to hire an RV roadside assistance service provider.  The objective is to make sure you get value for your money. Therefore, compare the services offered and the service agreement to make sure the amount charged is reasonable. Remember that while cheap is not always the best, do not judge the company based on the cost of service only. It is advisable that you consider many other factors.


Subscribing to a roadside assistance program guarantees a peace of mind while saving your money. Do not forget to consider the factors we have covered here when hiring an RV roadside assistance service so that you receive the best services at an affordable rate.