RV Sewer Hose Storage

There are times when you need an extra sewage hose for your RV, which can present a logistics issue. Where do you store the extra twenty feet?  Most RVs feature only one hose that fits in the bumper, leaving no room for that extra tubing. This article sets out to help you resolve that problem.

Sewer Hose Storage Kit 

Hose storage kits are a simple solution and can be purchased online. You will have a convenient extra space in no time. The ready-made storage kit fits easily near the dump valves and they ensure a clean storage space. 

When buying a kit, try to find one that is easy to clean and easy to use. You want your hose to be secure and easy to handle. Some storage kits come with the sewer hose support, which can be helpful.

Make One At Home

If you are handy at all, you can choose to make your own storage; this largely involves using PVC.  

First, measure the length of your extra sewer hose and cut the PVC pipe to match. Buy end caps or improvise an end cap, to ensure that the sewer hose is always sealed on both ends. To make the PVC case easier to handle, you can drill holes and attach a handle to the middle of the PVC storage tube, making it easy to carry.  For the end caps, you can use sealant to ensure they remain fixed at all times.

The Bucket Method

Another alternative for storing the sewer hose is using an old paint bucket. If you take this route, make sure the bucket has a lid. 

Before storage, you will need to rinse the dirt off of the outside of the hose and make sure the contents are drained. Coil the hose tightly and use a rope to tie. You can use plastic bags over each end of the hose for easy handling and to secure each end. The coiled hose should then be placed into the paint bucket, and the lid attached. 

The bucket method may not be your best option for storing the RV sewer hose. However, this method is acceptable in a tight spot. The bucket is better for storing the freshwater hose.

Hidden Compartment for RV Sewer Hose Storage 

Creating a makeshift hidden compartment underneath the RV is another good option for RV sewer hose storage.  You will need:

  • PVC fence posts 
  • End Caps
  • L-bracket
  • Power Drill 
  • Screws

The location of your storage compartment depends on the RV design. However, the best location is the sewer dump valve located underneath the RV. 

Here is a simplified guide on how to make this handy storage. 

Step 1. Cut a hole to the side of the storage compartment, and the fence post should fit nicely.

Step 2. Mount the L-bracket underneath, as to support the post. Secure the remaining length of the PVC appropriately. 

Step 3. Finally, drill holes in the PVC pipe and put the sewer hose in. This allows excess moisture to drip out. 

To ensure the RV sewer hose storage compartment looks good, consider giving it a coat of paint to make it blend perfectly in the rest of the vehicle.


If you need to store extra sewage tubing for your RV, the most convenient option is to purchase a storage kit; however, you can make your own kit or simply use a bucket. Either way, there are effective ways of storing your sewer hose.