RV Window Seal Shrinking

RV window seal shrinking causes gaps and holes, allowing water to leak in during the rainy seasons. The small holes and gaps in your RV also result in window fogging and cause mold growth if the RV is parked for an extended period.

Can I Reseal the Window after Shrinking?

RV windows remain an essential component in ensuring passenger’s comfort while promoting an energy-efficient RV. Unfortunately, RV window shrinking changes the entire experience, resulting in increased energy used for cooling or heating your RV, allows dust to get into the RV and, of course, unpleasant odor. 

Therefore, you may be interested in finding a solution to RV window seal shrinking. 

Resealing the RV window is still feasible as long as there is no water damage. If you are interested in DIY RV window resealing, you will find a good number of “how-to” videos, that explain the procedures to follow to seal the RV windows. However, caution must be practiced as you could end up with a bigger problem.

For a durable solution, you may want to talk to experienced RV windows professional. This helps ensure a quick and efficient solution to shrinking RV windows. A professional RV window repairer will assess the extent of damage and come up with a suitable solution. 

How Can I determine If It Is Time to Reseal RV Windows?

Determining whether your RV windows require resealing is not a complex process at all. You do not need any special skills; neither do you need specialized tools. 

You can determine whether RV windows need resealing through a simple visual inspection process. During the inspection, pay attention to the area where the window seal meets the frame. Also, check the area where the frame joins the wall and the sections where the windows join. 

Through this simple inspection, you can determine whether any wear and tear or gaps are existing hence require sealing the RV windows. 

How Often Should RV Window Resealing be done? 

There is no specific answer to how often you should reseal the RV windows. The bottom line is that your RV windows should be in top shape to promote top-level comfort during your trips. Moreover, intact window seals matters when it comes to ensuring the longevity of the RV windows. 

In that regard, it is best that you keep checking the RV window seals to determine how often to do RV window resealing. 

The quality of RV window seals determines how often to reseal in the future. Thus, when resealing the RV window seals, be sure to get yourself high-quality RV seals. This prevents the necessity of replacing the RV window seals in the near future. 

Why should I consider RV window Resealing? 

RV window seals repair and replacement ensure better energy efficiency. RV air conditioning and climate control devices consume a lot of energy. The holes and small gaps caused by RV window seals shrinking affect the functionality of the AC and climate control appliances. This means you need to turn on these appliances for a longer period. 

Proper RV window resealing assures maximum comfort levels. If you love full-time RVing, you understand why maximum comfort levels are important while RVing. 

Therefore, for a home-like comfort, it is important that you ensure high-quality RV window resealing. 

Another reason to consider RV window resealing is protecting the look of your RV. If the RV window seals have gaps or holes, this makes the RV to appear poorly maintained. Therefore, if planning to resell the RV, you are not likely to attract a good price. RV window resealing can help protect the appearance and value of your RV.

How Much Does it Cost to Reseal My RV Windows?

If you just noticed RV window seals shrinking, you are probably wondering how much it would cost for professional RV window resealing. If you are a veteran RV owner, you know that the cost to reseal RV windows differs based upon different factors. This is in the same way; the cost of RV maintenance differs based on what we are looking at overall. 

However, to answer your question, here is a quick overview of factors that determine the cost of RV window resealing.

What is the size of the RV Window?

The size of the RV window is a major factor when it comes to the cost of replacing the RV window seal. The explanation is clear and direct. Ideally, the total cost to reseal the small RV windows is cheaper, compared to the large-sized RV windows. 

What is the Type and Shape of the RV window

RV windows come in different types and shapes. The simple and common shape/type will cost less compared to a rare to find a window with a complicated shape. For instance, resealing a sliding –pane window will cost a higher amount compared to the cost of resealing the fixed pane window.

Custom RV Windows Vs. Ordinary RV Windows

The cost to reseal a custom RV window is higher compared to how much you pay to reseal the ordinary RV windows. 

The above details form a common point of reference when determining the average cost to reseal RV windows. Talk to a qualified professional for discounted rates and high-quality RV window resealing.

Why do RV window Seals shrink?

A few years after investing in an RV, you start noticing RV window seals shrinking. Like any other RV owner, you will be concerned about what could be causing the RV seals to shrink. 

Well, like any other RV owner, you may be tempted to think that it is because the RV seals have come unglued. Therefore, you end up spending money trying to glue the window seals, expecting it is a permanent solution. 

Unfortunately, this is a wrong perspective when it comes to RV window seals. 

The truth is that the RV window seals are held in place simply by pressure. As the window seals get older, the rubber shrinks. The result is that the seals pull away from the doorframe. 

As this shrinking continues to occur, cold or hot air and sometimes water from the carwash or rain make way into the interior of the RV. For older RVs, you may notice noisier and drafty ride because the seals are no longer tight.  Overall, you start experiencing a not very comfortable ride.

RV window Seal Maintenance Tips 

We have indicated that RV window seals go a long way when it comes to ensuring comfort while RVing. Now, we must delve into RV window seals maintenance tips.

Avoid exposing your RV to extreme temperatures

The obvious cause for RV window seals shrinking is exposure to extreme temperatures. For example, in summer, ensure proper shade. You can leverage on solar energy to ensure full-time air conditioning in your garage.

Engage a professional when replacing the window seals

If you notice RV window seal shrinking, you definitely want a replacement done soonest possible. Hire an experienced professional to help in replacing the window seals.

Use the right Quality Window Seals

High-quality RV window seals will last longer, saving your money. Do not forget to engage a professional to ensure you pick the right quality of RV window seals.

Key Takeaway

RV window seal shrinking is an inevitable problem. All you need to do is to understand why you are experiencing RV window seal shrinking. In this article, we have looked at RV window seal repair alternatives and shared handy tips on how to ensure the RV window seals last longer. Talk to an experienced professional for top quality RV window seals replacement.