Silver Springs Campground

Silver Springs Campground is located in Florida, on the banks of the White River in Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. With 59 campsites available for tents, vans, trailers, and motorhomes, there are a lot of overnight options for visitors to the Silver Springs Campground.

Silver Springs offers up an abundance of wildlife and stunning scenery that make for a truly memorable camping experience. There are many adventures to be had at Silver Springs Campground, which make it one of the most popular camping grounds in all of Florida.

Silver Springs Campground Location

Silver Springs is one of the largest springs in Florida, and it runs through the middle of Silver Springs Campground. The campground is situated right on the banks of the White River and is easily accessible from both Interstate 75 and Interstate 95. Here are simple directions to Silver Springs Campground.

  • From Interstate 75, take exit 352 onto SR 40 east, then drive nine miles to SR 35.
  • From Interstate 95 take exit 268 to SR 40 west, from there head to SR 35 which is approximately 60 miles away.
  • From SR 35 you are one mile from the park entrance.

Everything You Need to Know About Silver Springs Campground

1. Silver Springs Campground Season Dates

  • Silver Springs Campground is open throughout the year.
  • The peak season is between May and September, and it can get crowded during this time.
  • Reservations must be made at least one day in advance. Reservations are available up to 11 months on arrival, so you have plenty of time to book a suitable campsite for your camping trip.
2. Silver Springs Campgrounds Facilities and Amenities
  • Silver Springs Campground has both individual and group camping sites.

  • Each campsite has potable water, fire pits, BBQ grills and picnic tables.
  • Showers and flush toilets are available at the campsites.
Recreation Features at Silver Springs Campground
  • Silver Springs Campground being on the banks of the White River, offers a great location for trout and salmon fishing.

  • There are numerous hiking trails available, including the scenic Five Lakes Trail.

  • There is plenty of wildlife in the park for animal enthusiasts who want to watch various kinds of animals both big and small. There are quite a few bold monkeys in the Silver Spring Campgrounds, so be on the lookout for them
  • You can rent kayaking, and canoeing equipment in the park. You can also sign on for a  glass-bottomed boat ride in order to enjoy the views as you take a leisurely ride down the river.
  • Biking and horseback riding are also available to campers.

Silver Springs Campground Pros

  • The Silver Springs Campground is pet-friendly, so you can bring your pet along. Dogs need to be on a leash and are not allowed in some areas, but overall this is a dog-friendly environment.

  • The campground is well-maintained, with very clean bathrooms. The staff are also very friendly, helpful, and are happy to make recommendations on any queries you have.
  • The Silver Springs Campgrounds boasts large campsites in a very beautiful environment that is usually quite peaceful. The river flowing through the park is also an added plus especially on hot days.
  • There are designated quiet hours in place so you are sure to get a peaceful night’s rest.
  • If you are not camping in an RV or tent, you will love the Silver Springs Campground cabins which come equipped with a full kitchen, air conditioning, a dishwasher, and a screened porch complete with rocking chairs. The cabins also have outdoor fire pits.  
  • The cultural exhibits in both the Education Center and the Silver River Museum are very popular among visitors to Silver Springs Campground.
  • There are plenty of RV hook-up sites in Silver Springs Campground.

Campground Cons

Some camping sites at Silver Springs Campground are very close to the highway, which can diminish some of the peace and tranquility of the place.

Silver Springs Campground Restrictions

  • Dogs have to be leashed while in the campgrounds.
  • Fires can only be built in the developed fire rings.
  • Fireworks are prohibited at Silver Springs Campground.
  • The length of stay is limited to 14 consecutive days.

Attractions Near Silver Springs Campground

  • Silver Springs State Park

One of the main attractions at Silver Springs State Park is the glass-bottomed boat rides mentioned earlier. There are also plenty of walking trails for those who want to enjoy the tranquil and beautiful scenery of the park. If you are camping at Silver Springs Campgrounds, there are  nearby attractions that you should make a point to visit.

  • Ocala National Forest

With lush greenery and an abundance of hiking trails, the Ocala National Forest is a popular recreation spot that is near Silver Springs Campgrounds. There are plenty of lakes and ponds within the forest as well as the following: Juniper Springs and Salt Springs. Visitors to Ocala National Forest can enjoy swimming, diving, and snorkeling in the pristine waters all year round.  

There is plenty of wildlife to see at the Ocala National Forest. From black bears to alligators to deer and many other species of animals, there is a multitude of wildlife for animal enthusiasts to gaze at.

  • Homosassa Springs

Homosassa Springs is a great state park to visit, one its chief attractions being the underwater observatory. This state park also serves as a zoo and gives you an unfiltered view of the aquatic life in the spring through its underwater observatory. If you want to have a glimpse at intriguing aquatic life without getting wet, make it a point to visit Homosassa Springs.

Manatees are also another main attraction in Homosassa Springs State Park. This is because the park rescues and rehabilitates injured manatees and you are certain to catch glimpse of a manatee while you are there.

  • Appleton Museum of Art

Another popular attraction near Silver Springs Campground is the Appleton Museum of Art located in Ocala, Florida. You can catch an exhibit at this museum of art. It is very well arranged and curated; it’s a place to go for both art and education. The permanent exhibitions are varied and well-curated and you are likely to find pieces you enjoy whenever you visit.

The Appleton Museum of Art is an important cultural center in Florida and is well worth a visit if you are in the area.


Silver Springs Campground offers a perfect balance of recreational activities and tranquility that are sure to make an unforgettable camping trip. With a variety of recreational activities available to suit different types of people, you will surely find an activity you enjoy. Apart from the rich wildlife and hiking trails, Silver Springs Campground is a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts. If that’s you, make sure you pack your fishing gear as you head to this campground.

The clean and well-maintained facilities at Silver Springs Campground will make your camping adventure comfortable. The only thing you need to be on the lookout for are the notoriously bold monkeys in the camp who’ve been known to swipe a thing or two from any unattended campsites.