Travel Trailer Tips and Tricks

Traditionally, travel trailers were known as bumper-pulls as the trailer was attached to the car’s bumper instead. Nowadays, however, travel trailers are very convenient to use, they attach to a tow vehicle with a hitch. This makes towing extremely convenient, safe, and fun. If you are someone who loves taking camping trips or likes taking family vacations regularly then travel trailers are a must-have. If you have recently purchased a travel trailer and have planned a vacation, these tips will prove to be useful to you.

Advantages of A Travel Trailer

  • Wide variety of designs to choose from according to your budget
  • You can use your car or truck that you use every day as the trailer hauler as well
  • Once the trailer is unhitched at the campsite, you can use your vehicle to move around
  • It offers security with locks and hard solid walls
  • Extremely easy to set up
  • You can customize it according to your needs as well in terms of the interior
  • If you need more privacy then two bedrooms (or more) are also available

1. Practice, practice, practice!

This is especially important for you if it is your very first time. You must practice towing the trailer, as it requires some practice. Travel trailers are not very difficult. Take a few short drives before you hit the road so you are well-versed with any complications that may come up. Try parking it, see if it takes turns easily, and try reversing it.

It is significant that you do this before you leave on your first trip because otherwise, it can be an unpleasant experience for the passengers or other drivers on the road.

2. Having a plan and knowing the campsite

Going to a new campsite requires some research. You must research where you plan to go, what the roads are like, what nearby facilities are available, etc. The very first thing is to ensure you are going to a campsite that you will be content with. After that, you need to figure out whether your trailer can fit in the campsite i.e. whether there is space for you, etc.

Making reservations is thus imperative as you don’t want to be traveling for hours only to find out there is no space for your trailer. Most trailer campgrounds have a limit to the number of RVs that can be parked, which is why it is important to have a backup campground, in case you don’t get space. [Interesting Read: best rv vent fan]

3. Make lists for packing and camping supplies

Before embarking on your journey, you must make a list of all the things you must take with you for the trailer and camping. You must not take unnecessary things and not prove to be of any use, therefore you must make a list that consists of all things necessary. The travel trailer has limited space and you do not want to overcrowd the trailer with supplies.

You must consider things like the weather where you plan to camp, the people that you’re going with, etc. Lastly, it is also useful to share your list with someone who takes travel trailer trips frequently. They can help you eliminate things that are not necessary and can add significant things you may have missed out. [Interesting Read: Best RV wax]

4. Understanding and maintaining the travel trailer

The trailer comes with a wide variety of equipment that needs to be taken care of and understood properly before use. The electronic devices [Interesting Read: Best RV Inverter] that come with trailers are usually not very different from your home appliances, but they can still be slightly different. No one wants to be figuring out how they work when you’re on the vacation, so this must be done beforehand.

More importantly, you must test out the sewage system a few times before you hit the road because it can be tricky. No one wants to be stuck understanding the sewage system while you’re vacationing, so this must be tested out. [Interesting Read: Best RV washer dryer combo]

5. Storing your travel trailer

If you don’t use your travel trailer full time, then you must think about storing it before purchasing it. It is best to store the trailer under some kind of shade, as the sun will not be good to it. Most people store their trailers in their backyards or driveways but not everyone has those. Thus, you should also make these considerations before purchasing it.

6. Other helpful tips and tricks

  • Put labels on the shelves and compartments of the trailer so everything goes in its designated place and you don’t go crazy looking for things.
  • Planning meals beforehand is crucial, store mostly non-perishable, canned foods instead of perishable ones.
  • Heavy things such as suitcases and generators should be in the front of the trailer rather than at the back as it is lower at the front.
  • Check for water sources where you will be camping. If there isn’t going to be a water source then you should stock up on water.
  • Make sure you park the trailer at a flat spot, you do not want to park on a slope.
  • Make sure you put up all four stabilizers to prevent the trailer from bouncing up and down.
  • The generator you buy should not be too loud as it will be a nuisance, especially during the night.
  • You must check your tires before the trip. You must replace old tires as they might give up on you in the middle of your journey.
  • Do not let your fuel go below one-fourth of the fuel tank, especially in case of unexpected traffic.


Q1. Should you go on a travel trailer trip in the winter?

You need to know if your travel trailer is equipped for the winter. Some water tanks are not made for such harsh temperatures and might freeze. Heating pads are sometimes used to prevent the tanks from freezing.

Q2. Do all travel trailers come with generators?

Many do not come with generators, which is why you might need to buy one separately. You should choose the generator based on your expected power consumption. For instance, if you intend on using the AC in the summer then you will need greater power. However, most campgrounds provide power services as well, so you need to do your campground research as well.

Q3. Is it dangerous to tow travel trailers?

Hitching the travel trailer is very important and doing it wrong is dangerous. Therefore, you should get professionals to hitch them so they are safe to tow.


There are several different types of travel trailers out there. You should invest in one after you have gone through the numerous considerations. Nevertheless, the most important thing to remember is that you should go with a happy and positive attitude before starting your journey. This time is your enjoying and relaxing time, so your planning stage must be the difficult part, not your trip.