Best Travel Trailers Under 4,000 Pounds

The best travel trailers under 4,000 pounds feature a lightweight construction ensuring easy towing experience, making lightweight travel trailers ideal for beginners. Not only should a trailer be easy to maneuver, but it should also have the space and amenities you want. Therefore, it is important to know a few terms before looking at some recommendations.

Dry Weight: This is the actual weight of the travel trailer while containing the standard factory-made equipment. It excludes the fuel, cargo and passenger weight. 

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: This is the maximum weight of a trailer including the gross axle weight rating and specifies the maximum weight on any particular axle. 

The following are some of the best lightweight trailers for beginners and experienced travelers.

1. PaloMini 177BH DSO Travel Trailer

The PaloMini 1770 BH DSO features an unloaded vehicle weight of 3162 pounds with a hitch weight of 421 pounds. The small travel trailer features a cargo-carrying capacity of 1259 pounds, making the camper one of the best travel trailers under 4,000 pounds. 

The PaloMini 1770 BH DSO features a lightweight construction promoting better fuel efficiency. The trailer comes with an electric awning and a fiberglass exterior that is easy to clean. It also includes fully walkable roofs.

To ensure energy-saving benefits, the PaloMini uses LED interior lights to ensure a well-lit interior for less energy. The camper includes a Murphy bed. For your convenience, the has a narrow footprint for increased visibility and an aerodynamic front cap with a windshield.

2. Ameri-Lite Lightweight Trailer 218 MB 

Manufactured by Gulf Stream Inc, the Ameri-lite Lightweight trailer model 218 MB features a dry weight of 3,685 pounds with a net carrying capacity of 3,715.  This camper includes a freshwater tank with a capacity for up to 36 gallons, and the water heater has a capacity of up to 6 gallons.  The trailer is fitted with a furnace with up to 16,000 BTU. [Interesting read: best rv refrigerator]

The Ameri-lite Lightweight trailer model 218 MB is built with queen bed with an option for a Murphy bed or sofa and features a fully equipped kitchen with countertops and plenty of storage room. It also features a spacious bathroom with a shower and sink.

Travel Trailer

3. The Airstream Sport 16RB

The Sport 16RB travel trailer by Airstream RV is a lightweight travel trailer featuring a well-thought design for an overall outdoor experience. The camper is easy to handle, featuring a net carrying capacity of 640 pounds while the maximum trailer capacity is 3,500 pounds; the camper features a freshwater tank with a capacity for up to 23 gallons. It includes a ducted furnace with 12,000 BTU. The Sport 16RB travel trailer features an exterior length of 16 feet and 4 inches. 

The interior space comes with a ready to use convertible dinette creating an additional sleeping area for two adults as well as a king-size bed, allowing the trailer to accommodate up to four sleepers. The bathroom includes a porcelain toilet and sink. The camper is fitted with LED lighting, a functional air conditioner, and an internally routed A/C condensation drain line for energy savings and comfort. [Interesting read: best toilet paper rv]

The Sport 16RB travel trailer features an aluminum LP cover to promote its light weight. It has a lockable freshwater tank and a solar front stone guard. The camper includes an exterior shower with hot and cold water taps. The travel trailer uses LED tail lights

The Airstream Sport 16RB travel trailer is built to go places. Its quality and design will allow it to last a very long time.  Therefore, if you are in the market for a travel trailer under 4,000 lbs, the Sport 16RB is an appropriate choice.

4. Lance 1575 Travel Trailer

If you are looking for a travel trailer under 4000 pounds that provides a roomy storage area, the Lance 1575 Travel Trailer is a perfect pick. The trailer features a weight of 2775 pounds and has large windows with skylights in the living area. It is constructed with aluminum-framed sidewalls with tapered exterior roof design. The Lance 1575 includes remote-controlled roof ventilation as well.

The interior feels and looks spacious compared to competing brands. It uses LED lighting to save energy. The bathroom features an adjustable slide bar showerhead assembly and a marine toilet with a foot pedal. The kitchen area features a 3-burner high output range with an oven. 

The Lance 1575 Travel Trailer is a great option for travelers wanting a lightweight camper.

5. Spree Escape Travel Trailer

Manufactured by KZ RV, the Spree Escape Travel Trailer weighs around 2760 to 3890 pounds.  The construction uses lightweight material and various floor plans. [Interesting read: best rv leveling blocks]

The KZ Spree Escape Travel Trailer also features a spacious “toy storage area” offering a garage area of nine feet that can double up as a living area or even a sleep area. The kitchen features seamless countertops and fitted with a double burner cooktop. Among the top features is the 7 cubic foot double-door refrigerator with a top freezer. The interior is fitted with Amish-crafted rail style maple cabinetry and comes with a microwave already installed. 

The camper features a 78-inches high interior and it is fitted with a queen bed while it features the flip-up solid entry steps.


When purchasing a travel trailer, you want to ensure that your choice provides the amenities that are most important to you. Moreover, it is advisable that you consider the carrying capacity as well as the space you need. The trailers listed in this article are great options for lightweight campers with plenty of space. [Interesting read: best rv inverter]