Worst Travel Trailer Brands

With recreational vehicles being such a large investment, you want to make sure that you are getting something that will last and bring you enjoyment; therefore, it’s good to not only know some of the better brands but also those brands to avoid.  The worst travel trailer brands will cause discomfort and possibly risk your life while resulting in high maintenance and operating costs.  

We dug deeper into user reviews and found the brands you will want to stay away from at all costs.

1. Forest River Travel Trailer

Currently owned and managed by Berkshire Hathaway, Forest River is an American RV manufacturer. 

The company has a positive reputation when it comes to recreational vehicles, but it seems to have lost customers’ trust because of problems with their travel trailers. For instance, customers complain of leakage on the interior of Forest River trailers. No one wants to ride in a vehicle with a poor interior, therefore, this has been a major reason why customers consider alternatives. 

The second problem is the sinking floor. This makes the travel trailer a worse choice if you are planning to cover a long distance. The company’s customer care desk has a negative reputation when it comes to responding to clients’ concerns. 

Overall, Forest River still maintains a fair share of loyal customers regardless of the problems. Hopefully the company will respond to these complaints by way of improving their future models. 

Therefore, until such a time when the management looks into the problems highlighted by customers, the Forest River will remain classified as one of the worst travel trailer brands.

2. The Rockwood Travel trailer

Rockwood is another reputable manufacturer of travel trailers. The company is known for its reasonably priced brands, with some of their RVs classified as good brands, but there have also been many negative reviews. 

To start us off, the past buyers of Rockwood travel trailers have reported a weird lighting layout in the interior. For instance, at the entrance, you find a switch that only turns on a single bulb hanging next to the front door.  The usual expectation would be that the switch activates several bulbs lighting up the interior. Unfortunately, one has to hunt for different switches to illuminate the trailer. While this could be considered an energy-saving aspect, especially during dry camping, this becomes a problem when you get back late in the evening, and you need to prepare supper or get ready for bed. 

Another shortcoming of the Rockwood RV is the frameless windows. Although the windows appear eye-catching, they do not let in enough natural light. Therefore, if you are the type of person who loves the sun shining through, the Rockwood RV frameless windows will disappoint you. 

Lastly, the stove and oven on the Rockwood RV use a lighter to start, which is not only inconvenient but also a potential hazard.

3. Keystone Travel Trailer

Keystone is a North American manufacturer of travel trailers. Although the company is known for its fuel-efficient RVs, there are a host of problems with the company’s travel trailer. The interior features subpar furnishings. For instance, there have been complaints alluding to poorly finished furniture and cabinet doors falling off the hinges. Another cause of concern is difficulty in using the control board, resulting in poor experiences.  

According to online reviews, customer care is not very responsive when customers raise issues.  In fact, this has resulted in mistrust of the company.

4. Jayco Travel Trailers

There have been mixed reviews regarding Jayco travel trailers, with some customers expressing satisfaction, while others complaining that the company no longer makes high-quality trailers. So, why does Jayco land on this list?

Firstly, there is water leakage on the interior, which is a common cause of a damaged floor. The second issue is poor ventilation. Finally, according to past customer reviews, the travel trailer has a shoddy toilet seat. 

With a good number of past customers quite unhappy with the performance and interior finishing on the Jayco travel trailer, it is clear that the brand falls under the worst travel trailer brands, though certain features stand out, hence the mixed reviews from the customers.

5. Coachmen Travel Trailers

Gone are the days when Coachmen RV were reliable. In the 1960s, the manufacturer used quality materials coupled with top-notch craftsmanship. It is unfortunate that the same no longer applies to the latest models by Coachmen RV. 

The worst issues reported on the Coachmen travel trailers include a leaky plumbing system resulting in rust issues. The roof has a tendency to leak, causing rusty body panels while the shower and the sink are also prone to leaking. 

Moreover, there have been concerns alluding that the travel trailer comes with inherent problems on the interior, including the use of substandard material which would mean  costly repairs for buyers.  Past models of Coachmen RVs came with the Novacool fridge, which was notorious for overheating. 

The Coachmen RV also features flimsy slides and drawers. The drawers are no longer safe for the storage of heavy gear and even valuables.

6. The Gulfstream Travel Trailer

Including the Gulfstream in the list of worst travel trailers may feel like a mistake, especially among the past buyers who seem to trust the company’s previous models. 

However, the modern Gulfstream models feature various issues, with rust being a leading cause of problems. The travel trailer features unexpected leaks on both the interior and exterior of the RV that cannot be stopped, leading to deterioration affecting performance.  

Prevention is always the best cure. Therefore, if you are about to invest in a new or used travel trailer, we suggest you avoid the brands on this list. This guarantees you the best value for money, keeping you from investing in brands that do not meet user expectations.